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  1. Brooke Mack
    Brooke Mack bbyer
    Hi bbyer,
    I have bought a Range Rover Sport 2016 and have already had continuous faults. I am contacting to see if you know of a solution or heard of the issue before.
    The issue has various faults on the dash which flick through each one every couple of seconds.
    1.Stability Control Drive With Care
    2. Emergency Brake Assist Not Available
    3. HDC Not Available System Fault
    4. ABS Fault
    5. Park Brake Fault
    1. Brooke Mack
      Brooke Mack
      Also the orange lights come up on the dash for ABS and traction control. When these errors occur, it is usually starting my car up and will sometimes disappear or stay on for a long period of time (weeks). While these errors occur, I lose power steering and cruise control.
      Mar 24, 2017 at 4:25 AM
    2. Brooke Mack
      Brooke Mack
      LR has had this car in and out of their dealership 5 times and I have only driven my car for a max 3 weeks since receiving in January. Each time I have been returned my car, they assure me the issue has fixed and then a couple days later the error/faults return.
      Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.
      Please also note, I live in Australia so issues may vary if you live elsewhere.
      Mar 24, 2017 at 4:25 AM
  2. leadoverdistance
    Exploring the Rockys...
  3. oceantodd
    Don't buy a Land Rover. I had the crank shaft on my Disco 4 snap in two which damaged the engine to the point that it needed replacement.
  4. barriwhite
    I have a Range rover sport HSE 2010 Radio/navigation is not working please what can i do?
  5. barriwhite
    I have a Range rover sport HSE 2010 Radio/navigation is not working please what can i do?
  6. Disco Bonner
    Disco Bonner gulfstreamchris
    Chris, how difficult is the rear replacement bumper swap? Thanks in advance.
    1. gulfstreamchris
      Sorry just now seeing this. Rear bumper just comes right off. Very easy to remove. I did have some issues on the new bumper where the RH side has a bigger gap than the LH side but it's not terrible. I also had to trim a little of it to fit my full size spare. I also removed my parking sensors as they don't work with the spare tire mounted to the rear. Overall very pleased with it though.
      Mar 24, 2017 at 3:51 PM
  7. Adinkra
    Sorry any efforts to RAISE or LOWER it manually, RESULT in compressor strange noise. Any FEEDBACK would be PRECIOUSLY APPRECIATED
  8. Adinkra
    LR3, wont lower or raise with a rebuilt compressor. Any effort to RAISE or LOWER it manually, reult in compressor noise
  9. SMBryanSr
    Best Day of My Life - The day I sold my 2002 Disco II!!!!
  10. Carolyn08
    3amigos on after changing brakes