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  1. Jerry Robertson
    Jerry Robertson ryanjl
    ryanjl, have you sold your rims yet?
  2. Chipc
    Just purchased the Cooper Zeon LTZ 255 55 r19s for 2013 LR4. Love them!!
  3. Brooker2
    Brooker2 Trynian
    Trynian, I saw on a thread you swapped a locking diff into an lr3. Looking to do the same on a '10 RR Can you enlighten me?
  4. Rimsbook
  5. cjordan161
    I joined just to post what land rover did to me after I purchased a Sport shop 6weeks owned for 8 weeks still not fixed
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    2. cjordan161
      Got the call yesterday from Land Rover Rep, they want me to put it back in the shop and as long as it is under warranty they will continue to try and fix it. I asked so with a 4 year warranty at the rate we are at, I get to drive it 1 yr? I get to drive some crappy loaner and have all the headaches of going back and forth to a dealership that is 45 miles away.
      Nov 8, 2017
    3. cjordan161
      Now they want to replace all the infotainment and electronics. Why didn't they do that in 1 of the first 3 attempts????? Why would I want a car that has had everything replaced in the first 3 months of ownership??? The car has electrical issues, no remote start, phone works off and on, infotainment center shuts off driving down road
      Nov 8, 2017
    4. cjordan161
      whole radio will lock up not allowing anything to be played on it, can't choose XM setting, navigation unavailable, steering wheel controls won't work periodically, on and on with electrical issues. All documented videoed and pics taken. WHAT A JOKE!!!!! I didn't even ask for my money back which I should, I just asked for a comparable car. WORST VEHICLE AND EVEN WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE!
      Nov 8, 2017
  6. whydahdvr
    whydahdvr shedlock2000
    Hi. Where did you get your TMaxx 12000 winch from? I see it on Summit Racing for around $875. Looks like it's the right one..... Thanks.
  7. designfisher
    2012 LR4 HSE
  8. wthammett
    2011 LR4 HSE LUX
  9. Pfunk951
    Pfunk951 ryanjl

    1. Hope all has been well since the LR Event. Finally got all the scratches polished out..

    2. I saw that you found some cheap 255/55r19 Duratec's awhile back.. Do you know where to search for a good deal? It's about that time for the truck..

    Take care,

  10. Rachel Gilley
    Rachel Gilley
    testing a theory