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  1. tcaudle2001
    tcaudle2001 Rover 4
    Hi there! Just wanted to check in on your 275/55/R20 BFG KO2's and any rubbing issues. I have a '16 and really want to do those tires...but haven't had anyone say that they would work. I do have Johnson Rods installed...not sure if you do. Anyway, any feedback and/or pictures would be awesome!
  2. Rover 4
    Rover 4 Andy
    Andy, i'm trying to reach Ryanjl about a set of 28" wheels he has, but system wont allow me to respond. any way i could get some help reaching out to him? [email protected] or Rover 4 on this forum, thx,,,j
  3. Deep diver
    Deep diver
    Forgot the snow made the gap between the fixed overhead rail smaller
  4. Deep diver
    Deep diver
    Just pulled the antenna of my lr4 it’s stuffed anybody no where I can get a good used one along with the fixing base
  5. Victoria
    Where do you go exactly to post a car for sale
  6. dsamples
    Good evening, this is my first post. I have a 2010 LR4. Can anyone recommend a company I can send my console dials to, to have them repaired
  7. britadventure
    In 2018 it will be the 50th Anniversary of Pegasus Overland Expedition crossed the world by LandRover
  8. salim
  9. Dave Vance
    Dave Vance
    I have a 2011 LR4. The upper tailgate keeps opening when parked. Dealer replaced back handle. I replace upper actuator. Any thoughts?
  10. kevinh
    2005 Discovery 3, johnson rods, sliders, rear tire carrier, KO2 265/75 18. To do winch tray, auxiliary battery. Arizona truck.