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  1. kevin56eb
    fitted a dashcam on a freelander 2 2011,looking to connect a switched supply from the passenger fuse box, all fuses are live when ign is off
  2. djkaosone
    Front Runner Outfitted Slimline II, ladder, Featherlight RTT, 2.5M awning, front sump guard, and light bar.
  3. Maureen Kroning
  4. Fat Tire
    Fat Tire
    For Sale: I set NEW for LR/RR FIVE 20" wheels Pirelli Scropion VERDE AS 110W 433 Mhz TPMS ZERO MILES!
  5. Fat Tire
    Fat Tire
    For Sale: I set used LR/RR FIVE 20" wheels Cooper LTZ 285/50r20 4 thread new 1 @ 7/32 315 Mhz TPMS
  6. Jeff Loen
    Jeff Loen
    sold the damn thing
  7. Frosty2013
    Frosty2013 umbertob
    Umberto, I have read about the impossibility of adding SAT radio. Question is, does the wire loom tend to be the same for all from the factory? Can I could purchase the control head, antenna, receiver, & install ALL 2013 components to upgrade to SAT. One cannot just purchase the SDAR module and antenna, plug it in and have the dealer reprogram the head, correct?
  8. Ganbala Brabus
    Ganbala Brabus
    Hi. .... I love my LR3 .....
  9. Lofty
    New Zealand is home. I have a 2000 Discovery 2, 4.0ltr, V8. Only mods is removal of front skirt to give added clearance for off road.
  10. esnow87
    New Shoes Ordered - Psyched