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  1. megs
    Terrible noise (like alarm but not the actual alarm) only inside my LR4 today when I parked the vehicle. Anyone know what this is?
  2. Sameen
    Hello my dad owns a 2008 Range Rover Sport and I get to use it at all times, I am here to clear my doubts and help others who I can!
  3. designfisher
    2012 LR4 HSE ~99K miles
  4. Oztimer
    My 2006 Range Rover HSE rear window hatch button won’t trigger switch to open window, have searched the manual to locate fuse but no luck!
  5. telecruiser
    I have a problem with my reversing camera. its a 61 plate disco 4 .its not a HSE but the cam looks factory fitted. screen goes blank ?
  6. telecruiser
    bugger just realized i cant use the return key !
  7. telecruiser
  8. DoctaX
    DoctaX Disco Mike
    Hey Mike bought land rover ride height sensors on ebay installed them and got a red alert from the suspension warning lamp. where I only occasionally got a yellow warning. The sensors are all 3 pin where originally the fronts were 6. . The sensors appear to be actual LandRover items and in description said they would be compatible in my LR3 (06) .
  9. Jazzy
    Jazzy ncburch22
    ncburch22, I see you you're running 275/65 r18 bfg ko2s...I just picked some up and was wondering 1) if you have rock sliders, did you have to cut them, 2) were they rubbing the frame horns in full lock and did you cut the frame horns? Thanks.
  10. Obas1
    Obas1 LR4USN
    Hi- would like to speak with you about your LR3 if still available- Located in Aiken SC- TS