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2005 Range Rover HSE - Is It Worth It !?

Hello Everybody,

I figured me being someone who has no experience with Range Rovers, I better connect with people who do… The Range Rover Forums… Here’s the story, I saw a Range Rover and similar to you guys fell in love with it. I have heard horror stories and happy times with people’s Range Rovers and being that I am on a budget, I found a Used 2005 Range Rover HSE. I do believe I am in love… with this Range Rover…

This car is going to be a daily driver. Nothing Off-Road at all, but possibly a drive into the mountains for a day of Snowboarding and a possible trip to the beach. Living in the heart of California, here in the San Joaquin Valley, we have some HOT summers and some cooler winters. Summers Average: 105F Degrees, Winters Average: 30F Degrees…

This is where you guys come into play. I need to know what you think of what I am listing here… I’m going to put everything this car has, including the price and the Kelley Blue Book Retail Value on it. Is this thing worth the amount, it’s got a clean record so far, it’s just a daily driver…

2005 Land Rover Range Rover HSE Sport Utility 4D……

V8, 4.4 Liter……



Mileage: 84,741

Color: Charcoal

*** Equipment ***

Luxury Package
Traction Control
ABS (4-Wheel)
Air Conditioning
Power Windows
Power Door Locks
Cruise Control
Telescoping Wheel
AM/FM Stereo
CD (Multi Disc)
Harman Kardon Sound
Navigation System
Parking Sensors
Dual Air Bags
F&R Side Air Bags
Dual Power Seats
Moon Roof
Privacy Glass
Roof Rack
Towing Package
Alloy Wheels

*** Additional Information ***

Vehicle is still UNDER WARRANTY!

Total Value With-Out Mileage………… $ 26,730 - (Kelley Blue Book Value)
Mileage Adjustment (84,741)………… (-$575) - (Kelley Blue Book Value)

Kelley Blue Book Retail Value………… $ 26,155 - (Kelley Blue Book Value)

DEALER PRICE: $ 24,900 – (Out the Door, Including Taxes and Licensing)

Well, There it is… That’s the Dream Car… What do you guys think about the price including the packages and options it has… It’s just a daily driver to and from School/Work. The car has no problems to show on record this far.

What do ya think ? Is it worth the money ?

Thanks for Reading, and I look forward to reading to your comments…

Cole Mayfield

** Thanks to Kelley Blue Book Online for Retail Breakdown **

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Old 03-03-2011, 06:06 PM   #2
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Not sure what to tell you, but I'll be honest, RR's are by far the best SUV out threre when it comes to what it has to offer in the sense of getting a luxury vehicle that looks really stylish on the road, and is also built to deliver against rough off-roading terrian.

RR's can bring a lot of joy and angony, all at the same time, but from my experienced with my 04 RR, I've had a few incidents with it. If one electrical thing goes out, chances of affecting your entire vehicle are pretty significant. These SUV's aren't cheap to maintain, plus they don't get gas mileage like a Hybrid Pryus, so thats another thing to take into consideration, but if money ain't an issue to you, by all means, get one. I'm not trying to discourage you from getting one, but I wouldn't drive any other SUV out there, besides the RR. Hope this helps out. P.S. If you hear about any places out there that sale "Extended Warranty Coverage" for any type of vehicles, even RR's, please do some research on them to before you sign or purchase any type of contracts with them. Good luck.
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Old 03-09-2011, 12:50 PM   #3
Landy Man
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OMG thats too much money! I have one here same year and mileage that I have listed for $22,500. And I'm a dealer... not trying to sell you mine, just telling you they can do much better on the price. But aside from the horror stories I love them!
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Old 03-12-2011, 10:31 PM   #4
Landy Man
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To buy a HSE or not

I bought a 2001 HSE 4.6 2.5 years ago with 107Kmiles from my son the bank said they would lend me a maximum of $14,700 to .make a purchase. I borrowed close to $13.3K or so to cover price, taxes and $1K shipping CA to AL USA. My son the second owner had it for less than two years paid $23K or so in Los Angeles, CA. The air suspension was the biggest problem (car stuck on low level) and eventually was modified to the standard coil suspension. Maybe $1500 or so. The 2nd owner had little confidence in its reliability without a warrantee, but did not want to part with it alltogether, so I bought it with the option of selling it back.

This is a 30 year anniversary edition, forrest green. The wife uses it occasionally 4kmiles a year tops. Have yet to repair anything to date, but wait the check the brakes warning on the display just came on today. Finally I get to fix something.
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