ABS Modulator Removal / Install (TC,HDC,ABS lights on) [D2]

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    ABS Modulator Removal / Refit

    1. Put a cloth under your modulator to absorb fluid spillage
    2. Disconnect the (3) Electrical plugs on your modulator
    3. Disconnect the (2) abs lines on the black motor looking side (pump side)
    4. Disconnect the (4) abs lines on top of the modulator
    5. Loosen the 3 nuts securing it to the mount braket
    6. Remove the mounting rubbers


    1. Position mounting rubbers to modulator
    2. Position modulator into the mounting braket & tighten bolts to (9 Nm /7lbf)
    3. Clean those brake pipe unions
    4. Connect the brake pipe unions to the modulator
    5. Tighten the 13mm unions to 22nm / 16lbf
    6. Connect the multiplugs to modulator
    7. Bleed the system


    1. Do not allow the brake fluid to fall below the 'min' mark on the res.
    2. Don't fill it ABOVE the MAX line
    3. Check and see if all hose connections are tight, not leaking
    4. Fill your res. to the MAX line
    5. Attach a bleed line (rubber vac hose) to your bleed screw on the caliper of the pass. side; submerge the free end in a clear container containing brake fluid
    6. Apply pressure to the brakes several times, then apply steady pressure.
    7. Loosen the bleed screw to allow air / brake fluid to come out. Allow the pedal to come back without helping it.
    8. Depress the brake pedal steadily through it's full stroke and allow it to return without your help
    9. Repeat until a flow of clean, air free fluid is purged into the container - then while holding the pedal at the end of a downward stroke, tighten the brake caliper screw to 10 Nm 7lbf
    10. top off your fluid to the max level

    [highlight]Also, use only new DOT 4 fluid / don't mix brands as they may or may not be compatible. Always ensure the fluid level is between the min/max in the res. to ensure you don't damage your brake system. [/highlight]

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