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    There is an easy way to test if its the switch and if its not the actual switch its an easy fix.

    Testing the switch

    1. Open the hood and find the latch on the passenger side there are two. Looking under the hood its the one on the left.

    2. Feel behind the latch and there is a plug with 2 wires going into it. Remove the plug, there is a small piece of plastic on the top you push down and pull the plug out.

    3. Remove the sensor. On the front of the latch look down there are two pieces of plastic coming out on either side. Take a small screwdriver and push in the tabs while pulling down on the sensor from the back.

    4. Once the sensor is removed plug the harness back in.

    5. With the key push the lock button. The horn should alarm one time signaling that the hood is open and the truck will not lock. This lets you know that the switch is working in the open position.

    6. Push down on the switch in the bottom of the metal C so as not to bend the metal C bracket. You will hear the switch click. With the switch pressed click the lock button on the keyless remote again. If the truck locks your switch is not broken. Let pressure off of the switch and the alarm should go off. Press the unlock button on the remote and the alarm will go off.

    7. Now that you know the switch is not bad you can carefully bend the little C bracket metal out so that it is taller away from the switch. Over time the C bracket has lost its elasticity and has been compressed. Plug the switch back in and make sure the wire harness is connected and lock the truck.

    8. Problem fixed, I did this to my truck months ago and am still enjoying the silence of a locked and secure truck.

    11 Range Rover Sport

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