Back hatch intermittently inoperative

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    Mar 24, 2016
    Working on 2008 LR3 Vin # SALAE25468A480895.
    Vehicle came in with complaint of inoperative rear latch (upper section w/glass). Straight forward diagnosis as the actuator cables break. Getting open always a little tuff, screw driver into small hole and it did release (whilst inside vehicle lying down @ back hatch). Cable was found broken @ actuator/latch.
    Replaced with OE component (LR017470) we also always replace water shield (EOT500013) before finishing up and installing shield. Tested numerous times and, what a minute, damn thing doesn't work, huh? Aghh. Pushing soft open switch located in upper hatch, we hear nothing. Activate latch lock (you know, part that resembles your side your gate latch) take screw driver and put into "locked" position) Now push soft close switch numerous times and I would say, 3 out of 5 doesn't work. Zero activation. Closed hatch (after of course making sure the damn latch in open position) Working but back to intermittent operation.
    Thinking we see many vehicles with wiring issues @ trunks, hatches due to long term open/close and wires can get brittle and actually break or become almost broken. Anyone seen this in these models>

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