How is your new D5?

Discussion in 'Discovery 5' started by toddjb122, Jul 18, 2017.

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    It's actually sad that any semblance of what Land Rovers were died with the end of the Defender and the LR4/Disco 4. This was confirmed by LR execs when Gerry McGovern stated that the new Disco was designed to appeal to the masses and be less "polarizing" (as he put it) in order to sell as many units as possible.

    - This is a myopic plan that will blow up in their face eventually. However, by that time the execs will be retired or on to another company boasting of how they increased sales volume. I wonder how many companies that go public end up wishing they never had. A little different situation here, but same idea with Tata now calling the shots.
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    There is no point in complaining at this point, the evolution of LR is well under way. It's a long process growing from niche player, to small market player, to mid market player, to leading the pack, and each jump along the way will require more changes we probably will not like. That's just the way it is.

    Land Rover made the decision to increase market share and in doing so, they know they must appeal to a larger and different audience. That comes at the expense of exclusivity and "polarizing" styling, two attributes many people on this forum connect with. While I agree with many here that the newer styling is not my personal taste and that there is a strange "every model looks the same" approach being taken, the bottom line is that LR has sold 18,500 D5's in the first few months of production and is very pleased with the popularity of the model. While it has not "taken off" yet here in the US (sales are just over 800 per month so far), globally it is doing very well and that seems to prove that the larger audience as a whole has different priorities than those many of us place on our vehicles.

    I am not sure if they can make a Defender cheap enough to fill the market void from the loss of the Xterra and FJ Cruiser, so Jeep is probably loving life right now. There is certainly a market segment there, but it must be pretty small or both Nissan and Toyota would not have abandoned it.
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    catman, I completely agree with everything you said here. Enough complaining and whining about the D5. If you don't like it, don't buy it.
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    I agree, logically speaking there is nothing that can be argued. It's their company of course they can choose how they want to run it. I don't know about the rest of you, but it's nearly breaking my heart to see the direction they've gone. I really have zero and I mean zero desire to own any of the current Rovers. But this is coming from a guy who thought the silver grill on his LR4 was too 'blingy'.

    What if Jeep dropped the Wrangler and only made Compasses from here on out? There'd be a revolt. But they're smarter than that, they recognize that there's heritage at stake. And with LRs direction, and Toyota dropping the FJ, they're laughing all the way to the bank. Here in Detroit area, Wranglers are absolutely everywhere.

    Not every single vehicle has to be bland and soul less. Maybe the Defender will be a little soul stirring, but my guess is it will end up looking like a tall Evoque...and cost $80,000. I'll probably end up with a diesel rubicon or a 4Runner, if they can ever get their shit together on their interiors, haha!
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    Obviously, my preemptive snark was lost on you, mr troll. My experience with the LR community has been that most of you are cool, but I've run into a few pretentious turds along the way.

    Yeah, and I miss the 80's and Windows XP. Times change. Products evolve. I'm sorry you don't like what JLR is doing with the line. They obviously have a different vision than you. Maybe you should write them a letter and share your feelings. Bitching to me isn't going to do much.

    I am a soccer mom! I also chose the Disco because of its heritage and my love for hiking, paddling, biking, hunting, and off-roading. I am certain it will serve me well. So, I suppose Gerry had an effective marketing idea (and you, unfortunately, are wrong about the rest of what you said).

    Appreciation of heritage is admirable. Being stuck in the past, unable to accept the reality of change is sad. Please don't be a relic.

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