Just how noisy should a Series LR be?

Discussion in 'Series' started by sunking101, Jul 31, 2005.

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    I get the idea that Land Rover Series vehicles are "supposed to be" noisy but just how noisy? I can live with the noises mine makes EXCEPT when I put it into 4th gear and a horrible whine appears to come from the gearbox. Is this "normal" and is this the noise for which Series LR's are famous? Or have I just got a knackered gearbox?
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    Well do you have any insulation in it? I don't , so, when were are on the open highways, everybody in the vehicle has to wear ear defenders.

    "Horrible whine",

    There is going to be some transmission/transfer case/axle noises, but a horrible whine, nope! Sounds like you may need to get some work done on your transmission.

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    I get an incredibly noisy whine from my girlfriend everytime I fill both tanks with petrol.

    Sorry, but I just had to say it. :laugh:
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    Sounds normal to me

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