Possible collapsed lifter solution

Discussion in 'Discovery' started by bcrawford, Oct 9, 2016.

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    Mar 15, 2014
    So after having done my head gaskets, I have a ticking noise coming from somewhere around cylinder 7. It ticks at idle, steady and with the RPMs. Will tick louder under load (accelerating or climbing) but almost disappears entirely when not under load (cruising on the freeway or on slight downhills). It ticks regardless of temperature, the same noise no matter if it is hot or cold, recently started or driven for hours.

    I seem to think, and a few others I have asked, is that it is a collapsed lifter. So my questions are these:

    1) Do you agree it is a collapsed lifter

    2) What remedies do I have (short of replacing the collapsed lifter) of fixing the issue. I have read varying opinions on trying to get it to go away from additives, to a little ATF in the oil for some drivetime, or full ATF at idle for 20 min and a flush right after with new filter and oil.

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