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Discussion in 'Discovery' started by Springy, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. Springy

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    I have disconnected the battery on my 1993 Discovery and have mislaid the 4
    digit security code for the radio. The radio is the factory fit for Discovery with the word Discovery on it. However it was a replacement for the original radio fitted at point of manufacture so my VIN wont help if I go to LR for help. Is there any way I can bypass this to get my a radio working? The serial number for my radio is CR0171V0042203. I have already frozen it in the freezer with no effect :-(
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    Mar 10, 2004
    I think you can go to L.R. with your radio's serial # to retrieve the code......if not, put it in an oven and buy a new c.d./a.m.-f.m.player that eliminates your worries. If you are a restorative-obsessive, call L.R. and ask them for a replacement...I.m sure they will have $omething!
  3. discomike

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    If you talk with a dealer, you will need your regestration for the truck and your vi.# and they can get you the code.
    Mike J.
  4. SteveA

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    Email or PM me, and I'll give you the radio code. I work at a dealership and I'll look it up for you. I see the serial number, but just verify the radio's manufacturer. Is it made by Pioneer or Clarion. And just to be on the safe side, send me your vehicles VIN.

  5. kboat

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    hello stephen, my radio was dissconnected on my 95 4.0 range rover * i was wondering if you could help me get it back working? the dealership gave me two different codes but i'm not sure if i'm entering them correctly. i press the band button until it prompts me to enter code. as sonn as the last digit is entered it goes rite back to---- does this mean i'm entering them wrong or did they give me the wrong codes?
  6. discomike

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    I can't remember on the older radios. Have you tried both codes, has it the radio locked up, if so, you may need to let it sit with the key in the on position for a couple of hours and the retry.
    Wish I could be of more help.
    Mike J.
  7. disco1

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    On you model Discovery, turn your ignition key to accessories position. Switch on your radio and punch in the code. That's all you need to do.
    Let's know how you make out.
  8. sknights

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    I recently had my Discovery repaired after an accident and have lost the security code for the stereo. When I called the dealership, they took my VIN and said that it would be $40 to disconnect the stereo to get the number on the back, then they could give me the code. Is there any way around taking it to the dealer? Could I do it myself and if so, could anyone tell me how?

  9. meyersd

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    Call Land Rover's home office (North America or wherever you are at) first and give them your vin #. (ask for the technical department) I recently had to reset my radio with the code that was provided in the manual. Turns out the code was wrong. I called Land Rover North America, they asked for the last 6 digits of my VIN#, and that's when i found out that the code I had was wrong. (off by one digit) I already made an appointment to have the dealer figure it out, so you know I was happy to call them back to cancel. All they were going to do is pull my radio out, check the serial # against what Land Rover had on file, then bang me for 2 hours + of service. Your code may be a digit off from what the home office has on file, and that may be the difference.
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  10. dherbs85

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    so all i need to get the radio code is the serial number off the actual radio?

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