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  1. Ringo
    Practicing "Car Yoga" doing "under dog oil filter twists"
  2. JetWash
    The Hydraulics is on the stops (wont raise at all) and the old key Fob worked but was tatty, so I rehoused it in new case: Now its dead :-(
  3. JetWash
    Hello All. I have a '96 P38 (BMW Diesel) with Hydraulic & now Key FOB issues after new battery installed. Anyone reputable around Coventry?
  4. thesilverfox
    took to specialize repair shop No hard faults, unable to solve.
  5. thesilverfox
    hey guys I am new here, has anyone solve the mysterious problem of Transmission fault "limited gears available" with "F" on inst. cluster?
  6. Gina Canon
    Gina Canon
    I have a humming sound and vibration after a collision to the drivers side front panel. What could be the problem?
  7. Frederick Griffin
    Frederick Griffin joey
    You posted in a thread last year that you had a contact for extended warranties. It was supposed to be in your sig but can't find your sig. Can you please provide that information?
  8. vic7780
    vic7780 remember5
    saw your post regarding the misfire and having a repair manual. Could you share that with me if on digits? Working through some issues on the truck and thought it'd be helpful
  9. Anna Smith
    Anna Smith
    only 27K miles on it
  10. Anna Smith
    Anna Smith
    Anyone else experience this with no fault codes