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New Profile Posts

  1. Mark Lyons
  2. Bruce m Fournier
    Bruce m Fournier
    bought my 2003 disco2 from a mechanic bud. its now at 200k no major issues yet
  3. Scott m Schiavone
  4. Gbantu
    I'm having a very bad Shake on my 2011 RRsports hse lux on the right tire it vibrates so hard whatcđ
  5. Crystal Burnside
    Crystal Burnside
    Hi I'm new here and am just purchased a 2004 Land Rover Freelancer AWD/4WD SE. Suggestions on maintenance etc.
  6. JangoSW
    JangoSW ishapiro
    Hello, I have a 2012 LR4 and would like to look at adding the rear diff. Saw your post. Where did you get the ECU and mechanicals? I have a Nanocom for the CCF.
  7. Justin Barden
    Justin Barden
    Southern Style
  8. Pb83925
    Pb83925 nhskibm
    nhskibm - thanks for sharing your thoughts on towing the 25’ airstream with your 2017 Discovery diesel. I have the the same vehicle and just bought the same airstream. I’m glad to see you’ve had a good experience with this. Can you share the hitch you are using and any advice on setup?
  9. magus
    magus Asilver
    Adam - I'm interested in a set of brackets. Let me know what you need. Thanks David 2817023337
  10. COSwede
    Selling my IIDTool BT