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  1. Lgibson
    Lgibson umbertob
    Just a question about your post from 2015 on rear brake pads for the 2015 LR4. Was studying up for upcoming pad replacement and read your post that LR055455 is for the earIier (2010 and before) caliper. I called James at Land Rover Rocklin yesterday who reassured me these were the only rear pads shown for our 2015. You are the authority, but...?
  2. Russ Hall
    Russ Hall
    2006 Range Rover Sport HSE
  3. Luc Saint-Jean
    Luc Saint-Jean
    New Land Rover and New in everything about the Land Rover world
  4. Richie04
    Researching LR5 diesel for 2019.
  5. Luc Saint-Jean
    Luc Saint-Jean
    New owner of a LR4 2010
  6. JUHSTin
    JUHSTin mshale
    Good evening and happy new year! I saw your comment on possibly upgrading your rig to the 2014+ headlights for your LR4. I’d be interested in buying your older style xenon’s if they’re in good shape? I have a nicely upgraded and appointed 2010 LR4 HSE, but it was the ONE LR4 year and model that didn’t get LED’s :/

    (505) 710-0407
    Albuquerque, NM
    1. mshale
      Happy new year to you as well. I’m still doing research on this as there are quite a few part numbers as it seems they aren’t the same 14-16. I’ll post a sale thread if I get this done. Thanks for the interest!
      Jan 11, 2019
  7. Docddd
    Docddd rickyn f355
    Hi Ricky, it just goes to show that I don't know what I'm doing. I wanted to make it a PUBLIC comment but it asked for a members handle. Thanks for letting me know. I'm still screwed by them.
  8. Drome
    Drome Houm_WA
    Thanks for the spell check.
    The 285 is not a typo.
    I am disappointed to hear that the tire is loud. Will rethink this for sure now.
    Site will not let me reply to you on the forum. Logged in and all.
  9. Juanrs
    Juanrs tlt
    Hello I'm also looking for some locking diff disco 3 rebuild parts. I have a random hitting noise during light acceleration then the car suddenly veers off to the left. Please let me know what you have. reynaldo13 AT hotmail DOT com
  10. djkaosone
    Front Runner Outfitted Slimline II, ladder, Featherlight RTT, 2.5M awning, front sump guard, and light bar.