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    Identify this engine noise

    Sounds like my motor - bought at 103,000 miles, has 115,000 on it now. I'm changing the oil every 5k miles, and catching up on maintenance (diff, trans case and transmission fluids are next) and driving it. We will see.
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    Success in having Land Rover cover timing chain expense post 100k miles

    I did write to that firm and got the same canned response - 8 years and 100k. I did however ask them to include me in the files if they wanted to build a case for over 100k. No issues so far, but I drive a lot and I will try to put another 100k on t he clock at least! It sounds like a pretty...
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    Brake Sensor (Front) Damaged do I need to pull pads to install?

    Correct no need to remove a new pad for this. I would place the new one on the pad end before removing the old one completely. That way you can make sure all the clips are on the right spot as you work your way to the connection. Pulling the wheel makes it easier, and turn the steering wheel...
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    Anyone a iLand tool expert?

    Update. I went to start the process one last time last night and the warning light was off, and suspension lifts and lowers like it is supposed to. I wish I knew why or how, but it seems to have corrected itself for the time being. I think I will play less with the iLand so I don’t screw...
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    Anyone a iLand tool expert?

    Hey there, I have a 2012 LR4 and it has always sat a bit lower on the front right (passenger side here in the US). I got the iLand tool from Atlantic British, and watched their video. I put in the measurements on the wheels, and that one was about a centimeter off. The system did a rise, then...
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    Aluminum crossover pipe

    Did anyone confirm that the aluminum one fits a 2012 LR4 (5.0)? I would love to only replace this once!

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