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Disco Mike
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Jan 5, 2015
Jun 20, 2009
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April 7
Retired Service Manager

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Disco Mike

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Jan 5, 2015
    1. Edwinlr3
      Hey I’m having a problem with my 05 lr3 ac. It’s blowing warm air. I just got the suv and not sure how long it was sitting before I bought it. When I hooked up the manifold gauge to the high and low side and they are reading the same? Is it the compressor or the switch maybe. Should I bleed out all the Freon and refill?
    2. DoctaX
      Hey Mike bought land rover ride height sensors on ebay installed them and got a red alert from the suspension warning lamp. where I only occasionally got a yellow warning. The sensors are all 3 pin where originally the fronts were 6. . The sensors appear to be actual LandRover items and in description said they would be compatible in my LR3 (06) .
    3. D2Matt
      Hi Mike, I have a 2004 Discovery V8, and it has a driveline "clicking" noise, I thought it was driveshaft and pulled it out - still clicks - seems to be speed related and gets faster but not in relation to engine speed.
      Just wondering if you could help me out - I am located in Australia
      mjbforums AT gmail DOT com
    4. Lewis
      Hey mate I need some help I have a v8 landrover discovery and it's making a tapping noise from the engine. I got told its the hydraulic lifters and need a oil flush , what would you suspect .... Or doo. Cheers
    5. ancatkin@yahoo.com
      [email protected]
      Hello Mike,

      I need help with my srs light on my 1996 Discovery. Code readers at multiple shops cannot get a reading from it. What can I do? I need to get my car inspected in Virginia and it won't pass.

      Thank you very much, Andria
      757 635-4580 or my husband 757-630-0420 EST
    6. Hanley
    7. 94discovery
      my 94 discovery hesitates between 30 and 40 mph , on highway no problem?
    8. shmoo235
      Hey Mike, you do seem to be the go to guy. I have an 95 LR Disco. My ignition got bad enough struggling with the key that I purchased a used on off of ebay. Question: is there any part of the new/used switch that has to be replaced with same part from the old switch so new switch can be read by cars brain. Everything fit fine, when I went to start it all turned fine, lights came on except when I went to "start" got a "ding' warning chime. Backed off the "start" it stopped. Turn to start and it chimes. Now when I go to take the key out the "key locking" solenoid seems to click to the wrong side. I have to manually move the arm to release the key. Curious indeed. Any ideas would be much appreciated
    9. GeorgeS_83
      Good day Disco Mike, so i have a 04 disco 2. has coolant in cylinder 4. did HG job with shop. ran head test and machined heads. heads came back good. put back together rand engine let it sit over night came in the morning and same thing coolant in cylinder 4. i and the shop don't know what is wrong or what to do. i have asked other fourms like ******************* and came back with it might be the block. just wondering if you ran into something like this in your days. my email is [email protected]
    10. C.J.J' S Discovery2
      C.J.J' S Discovery2
      Hey Mike, I see your the man to talk to. Lol, I really want to keep this truck , but I don't have a mint. Thanks for any help, my name is Chris Jacobsen (312)805-9008. Thanks call text, anytime if I don't answer I will call you back
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    April 7
    Retired Service Manager
    Full Name:
    Mike Jacobs
    My Land Rover:
    99 Land Rover D 2
    Castle Rock




    I am a retired service manager of 30 years, currently driving a 99 D2 with the following mods.
    Custom made front and rear bumpers, Warn 9500 HSI with 3/8th's rope, sliders, QT diff. guards, electronic CDL, 4:11 gears, rear Detroit with HD axles, Front T.T., HID head light conversions and 3 extra bumper mounted HIDs.

    To download the RAVE manual, follow this link http://www.landroverresource.com/

    Rover Radio issues or IPOD Adapters http://home.valornet.com/splacket/index.htm