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    • DonC
      DonC replied to the thread CarPlay?.
      EDIT: answered my question a bit further up in the thread.
    • DonC
      DonC replied to the thread Thermostat outlet hose.
      It did. Replaced just this part and no issues with it. Exact same size as the part it replaces. I wish this had been available earlier...
    • DonC
      DonC reacted to ktm525's post in the thread Thermostat outlet hose with Like Like.
      Did the brass pipe work? You sir are awesome. I had to buy a complete LR assembly to get the plastic pipe and then franken modify my...
    • DonC
      DonC posted the thread Thermostat outlet hose in LR4.
      I found this little gem after having to do a water pump replacement on a new to me 2017 D5 Lux with the SCV6 that I purchased the first...
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    • DonC
      DonC replied to the thread 2018 HSE TD6 brake controller.
      I just installed a redarc in my 2017 HSE lux gasser with the tow package and the plug was up there. I needed to remove the plastic...
    • DonC
      Do you have any links to the recall? I talked to Todd about mine early last year but they appear to be still out of stock.
    • DonC
      DonC replied to the thread Towing Questions..
      Redarch sells a adapter to plug into the Techonsha wiring. Techonsha sells the adapter to the ford plug in the back. Seems a bit much to...
    • DonC
      DonC replied to the thread '13 LR4 catalytic converter pricing.
      I sold my old OEM ones to Marty Powell for $110 each about 2 years ago. Not certain on current pricing though.
    • DonC
      I pulled one off my 11 when i got it. Preferred the Rhino over the curt. This install sheet should help...
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