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      hang729 replied to the thread Rough Wipers.
      Never thought about this! I am going to give it a shot, rough wipers are sooo annoying
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      hang729 reacted to jlach993's post in the thread Rough Wipers with Like Like.
      once a year or every 6 months i apply the same wax you'd put on the car body. wax it on and wait like 15 mins and then buff off. All of...
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      hang729 reacted to Al Pizzica's post in the thread Rough Wipers with Like Like.
      Very hard to tell from video if dry wiper noise or mechanical unhappiness. Did you try rainX? Not only makes you use the wipers less in...
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      hang729 reacted to djkaosone's post in the thread Rough Wipers with Like Like.
      Typically it's the blades, but you've already replaced the blades with new ones. The next thing would be taking off the windshield cowl...
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      hang729 posted the thread Rough Wipers in LR4.
      Dear everyone, Need help to diagnose the root issue, not sure why the wipers are not smooth. Tried to clean and replaced blades...
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      hang729 reacted to Jimmy Brooks's post in the thread Showoff Your LR4 with Like Like.
      Not sure if I ever shared these, took her up to mammoth (where my profile picture was taken nearly 7 years ago) to see the snow and hit...
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      hang729 replied to the thread Showoff Your LR4.
      2011 LR4 at 166000 miles, still counting
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