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    Order of off-road mods

    Thanks for the responses folks! I recently ordered a set of Voyager sliders. I was looking at the APT compressor guard and ASFIR tank guard. I will have to take a second look at the Voyager sliders -- I recall I had the choice of step or no step but didn't recall seeing a compressor option...
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    LR4 Front coolant outlet tube BS

    Out of curiosity, @quirozson, at what mileage did the pipe go ?
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    Everything about tires for LR4/ LR3 with 18" wheels

    About a half inch on each side. Gonna be close. Stock 19 is offset ET53, Compos are ET44? I believe. So 1/2 the difference. Tires are also about 10mm wider. So you’re moving the outside edge 14-15 mm further out on each side.
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    LR4 Front coolant outlet tube BS

    Rags in the exhaust? Were they doing the old-school test for a burnt valve?
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    Order of off-road mods

    I live in Colorado and want to start tackling some more challenging stuff. I wanted to get people's thoughts on what the essential protection would be. I already have tuffant steel wheels, Cooper AT3 E-range tires, and an IID tool to add a bit of lift. I carry a shovel, compressor, recovery...
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    getting that damn eco/stop start light off on the IP

    Hilariously, I am in some weird zone where (presumably) my battery is weak enough that the start/stop is disabled but strong enough that I don't have the ECO light turning on. I should probably pull out a multimeter and check the voltages on both.
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    Offroad modes and terrain

    I thought this was an interesting read as well. I'm sure there have been some updates since the LR3, but I assume the same concepts are being applied in our trucks too.
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    Genuine New Front Crossover Pipe Defects

    I don't love this either and, once it started making a bit of noise, ended up dumping my higher mileage 5.0 for the lowest mile 3.0SC I could find. Unfortunately, I think the reality is that 3/4 of new LRs are leased to status-conscious buyers, they sell every car they make, and there's a...
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    Offroad modes and terrain

    I feel like rock crawl mode softens the throttle response and severely curtails wheelspin -- possible you were trying to accelerate hard enough you got wheelspin? Here's a copypasta from Aulro about the effects of the different modes... GRASS/GRAVEL/SNOW Function. Engine Management System...
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    getting that damn eco/stop start light off on the IP

    If you have the V6 and get a tune from Velocity AP, they can disable it.
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    LR4 vs Defender

    Would be a lot more interesting if you could at least get the 6 cyl with the 18" wheels.
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    Map missing from Navigation

    Oddly enough, I had that issue happen after completing the map update but before following the step of locking the car and powering it down for 15+ minutes as it calls for in the instructions. After that the map came back up. I'm wondering if maybe there's something missing in the install that...
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    LR4 Navigation Update...

    Answer was yes if anyone else runs across this.
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    LR4 Navigation Update...

    Just to double-check.. the whole wait for nav to restart then turn the car off for 15 minutes.... If I'm in the middle of a trip, I can keep the car on and restart when I'm done driving, right ?
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    Defender 130 is out!

    Doesn't look like it has a flat load floor...;center,top&resize=980:*

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