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      imho, the D5 design has grown on me. I drove a 22 with the petrol ingenium 6/MHEV. It was fantastic. road manners were good, it was...
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      ugmw177 replied to the thread shopping for D5.
      Wife test drove a 2022 R dynamic S p360 this weekend. [35k miles]. This was/is a beautiful silver/black car with most bells anad...
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      ugmw177 replied to the thread 2016 LR4 Dead... need help!.
      use Gap tool to program vehicle for new battery as well so it will optomize charging.
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      i would suspect ground straps first. check the battery ground to the engine near the front. clean and then try again. Also let us know...
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      Saw one of these on the way to the office here the other morning. It iss the only one i have ever seen in person; probably the only one...
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      ugmw177 replied to the thread 5.0 metal rear coolant manifold.
      looks sketchy; if it were welded together that might be a better option. since the rear heat manifold rarely catastrophically fails just...
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      ugmw177 replied to the thread Long Roof Rails.
      leave the aluminum ditch rail covers in place and mount on top o them. that rear piece, use a dremel and cut off the part that extends...
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      depends on whether it is the SC v6 or the n/a v8. in either case though, if you are going to the labor to get access to that, you might...
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      ugmw177 replied to the thread 2015 LR4 SCV6 Gas Mileage.
      You know, the big question i have is why did JLR bother to go to the v6 when it really isnt much if any better on fuel than the N/A v8...
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      ugmw177 replied to the thread Aluminum thermostat housing.
      i recently re-did my sons LR4 5.0 cooling parts which while i was i there i replaced the thermostat and housing. the car is a 2011 with...
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      ugmw177 replied to the thread Radiator Replacement.
      Vacuum fill is the way to go. If you do that, you will never want to bother with old school bleeding etc.
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      A couple of observations. I think eventually all LR4s without the updated tensioner shoes will sport the loose chains at some mileage...
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      probably totally unrelated unless perhaps you left some wires/sensors disconnected. I would check battery voltage with dvm. if 12.5 or...
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      ugmw177 replied to the thread 2013 LR4 Suspension Compressor.
      one more thing, if you are brave and perhaps wish to fit a used oem hitachi, the full size RR from similar years is the same compressor...
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      ugmw177 replied to the thread Only normal Height Available..
      probably a leak. best as other say, use Gap tool to diagnose but iff you do not have one, you can start by pulling the fuse for the EAS...
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