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    Has anyone put Pirelli Scorpion Winter tires on their LR4 ?

    Sold my old LR4 with blizzaks, so time to get snow tires for the new one. I live in Denver, but most of the driving I'll be doing in the winter will be on highways that are plowed but have an inch or two of that weird slush / packed snow mix. Or just generally packed snow in town. I see...
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    Reconciling Key Memory with Door Memory ?

    I happened across a 2016 Lux (with the seat memory feature on the door) and decided to pull the trigger. So I get comfy and program my seat/mirror settings into position #1. Great. The next time I drove it, I unlocked it from the FOB and I assume it must have moved into another set position...
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    Anyone get parts from Suburban Auto Parts?

    Looks like these guys ( have slightly better prices than most of the online Land Rover parts places. Anyone have any positive or negative experiences to share? Thanks!
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    Normal or chain noise?

    Seeing more and more people getting chains done. I have a 2012 with 80K, and just inside the supposedly affected range, so I'm thinking I should start keeping an eye on it. For those of you that have had the problem, I was hoping you could spare a minute and let me know if you think these are...
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    2014 pre-wired for ACC? (Anyone remove their bumper)

    I see a number of people on the disco3 forum have successfully retrofitted adaptive cruise control to their MY 2015 and 2016s... I'm wondering if this is possible on earlier models as well... I'm curious if anyone with a 2014 has pulled off their bumper and, if so, if they have seen the...
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    Smart Key Battery Low doesn't give much warning!

    Went camping this weekend. Friday afternoon after stopping for gas I got the message "Smart Key Battery Low." Figured not a big deal, I'll deal with it on Monday and have some of those batteries at home anyway. Sunday afternoon it was totally dead. Probably locked / unlocked less than a...
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    Leaking crank seal on SCV6?

    Looking at a 2016 and had it inspected. Found a leak from crank seal. I've never heard of that being an issue on these cars. Something to worry about other issues down the road? Or just a weird fluke ?
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    CPO warranty valuation?

    Possibly looking a super-low miles LR4 with the CPO warranty. Curious how you guys would place a value on the warranty to compare against other non-warrantied cars. $750/year of coverage? 1000/ year? I'm assuming its not going to cover wear items like control arms so kind of hit or miss...
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    Little rubber bumper the top hatch comes down on?

    Anyone have a part # for the little rubber bumpers that sit on the lower tailgate and cushion the upper tailgate? I can't seem to locate these in any parts diagram online and it looks like one of them went missing... (pic is of lower tailgate switch, and you can see the empty hole)
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    Here's a look I haven't seen before....

    Was just killing time surfing around and came across this.... I'm undecided... Might be more interesting if the roof was white as well... More pics here if anyone wants to look: Doing all of the...
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    Adaptive headlights on 2010-2013 on with vision assist (surround cameras)

    *screwed up the thread title... Just to double-check, adaptive headlights on a 2013 would ONLY be with the vision assist package, and NOT on every "Lux", correct ? Topix lists it as just "XENON HEADLAMPS-NAS" Thanks!
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    TOPIX no longer showing full build ?

    Weird, it looks like the "Minor Functions" feature (which showed all of the build options) doesn't show up anymore after entering a VIN. Anyone else seeing this ?
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    Thoughts on Zanzibar?

    Looks very different depending on the picture. Is it a trendy orange or retiree bronze?
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    D5 Diesel -- Warmup ? Reliability?

    Just drove one, considering this as a potential replacement for the LR4. Very different from the LR4, has some pluses and minuses. Just curious, for those of you in colder climates, how it is in terms of time until warm air is coming out of the vents ? My exposure to diesels is limited to a...
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    Getting full manual from Topix

    So I've seen some of the "Workshop Manual" PDFs that appear to be printouts from the TOPIX system, but none of these are for my year. So I signed up for a brief TOPIX subscription, thinking I'd get access to the relevant one that way. But it looks like I can only print out very small...
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    Parts Catalog / Diagrams websites?

    I owned a series of BMWs before getting the LR4 and there were some common parts websites were you could choose your year/model, choose a system, see diagrams of all the parts, zoom in, pick a component, see variations (e.g. this part # if the car had X option, another number if it had Y...
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    Change Profile Name?

    Would it be possible to have my name changed to "Nechaken" ? Thanks!
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    2014+ improvements / weak spots?

    Found a newer one with the locking rear diff and was thinking of replacing my 2012 with it. It looks like (compared to 2012) Updated timing guides / tensioners Updated Water pump (possibly) updated crossover pipe ? Any common failure points to look out for with the facelift ?
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    Timing Chains / Crossover pipe resolved?

    Some of you may be familiar with these common failure points on the AJ V8 engine used in the LR4. Since the 3.0 V6 is largely based on the same block, I'm curious if anyone has experienced these failures on the D5?
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    Cargo Dimensions?

    Would anyone happen to have, off hand, the cargo dimensions (particularly, height and length) of the cargo area with all of the seats folded? Seeing these things get cheap(er) on the used market and wondering if its a more techy replacement for the LR4. Normally, Id go to a dealer with a...
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    Any Dash Cams you particularly like for being inconspicuous / ease of install?

    Thinking its time... I'm assuming I can find a +12V in the map light / sunroof control panel...?
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    What part of the car is this ?

    Fell out when I opened the driver's side door.
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    Battery Profile Setting

    I just replaced my battery with Bosch H7 AGM 80 Ah 800 CCA battery. In the IIDtool, there's a H7-80Ah-700CCA profile as well as a generic (no "H_") 80Ah 800 CCA profile. So obviously the 80Ah 800CCA profile more closely matches my battery but I'm wondering if its a problem that it doesn't have...
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    "Replica" 2014+ taillights

    Thought I left the desire for aesthetic mods back in my 20s, but now that I have a set of black wheels, I'm thinking my car would look better with the black-edged taillights of the 2014+ models. Has anyone tried any of the non-Valeo options, like those available through powerfulUK or these...
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    "Cameras Unavailable" when it rains?

    I just have an HSE without the vision package. Several times now after driving in the rain I'll shift to reverse and get the message on the center screen: Parking Aid Alert Cameras Unavailable Please Consult Your Dealer. I assume this is a water ingress issue and certainly odd for a vehicle...

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