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  1. toddjb122

    Fun with Tire Plugs...

    None of the plug kits I've bought over the years have ever included the glue, thus, I've never used it. As I have not had an issue until now, I figured it was not necessary. HOWEVER, in watching a couple youtube videos after this post I saw a tip that was helpful... I may have used an old...
  2. toddjb122

    Fun with Tire Plugs...

    Okay, I'll try another. They were both franchise places so that could be part of it. It seemed like a clear policy when I asked... didn't even want to discuss it.
  3. toddjb122

    Fun with Tire Plugs...

    Over the years I have gotten a few screws in either my tires or my wife's. Not often, but it happens. If it's center of the tread (not sidewall) I use the standard auto store plug kit and haven't had issues. Pull the screw, stick in the rasp tool, then put the plug in and trim it. Solid...
  4. toddjb122

    Nokian WR G4 SUV Tire Review (amazing in deep snow)

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing that.
  5. toddjb122

    LR4s out there holding their value maybe more than just quite well

    Tell umberto to come back!! We miss him. That was me who pinged the admins on creating a new Defender board and letting them know it was causing people to leave. ;)
  6. toddjb122

    What's with the self healing satin finish?

    Thanks. That was a cool video. So, the Defender satin finish is a wrap or has this type of layering built into the paint applicator?
  7. toddjb122

    Hummer EV

    They just need to make a utilitarian offroad capable EV... it doesn't need to be crazy unique, full of glitz, or waste interior space with oversized plastic trim, rollbars, and snap off doors that store in the vehicle. Give us an LR4/Defender that is a dependable electric, with the travel space...
  8. toddjb122

    255/55/19 spare tire with 255/60/19 on the Vehicle

    Just curious... what size is the donut that comes on the car? (I took mine off and it's currently under the LR3 I sold when i bought my LR4) Isn't the oem spare a smaller tire than the 55?
  9. toddjb122

    What's with the self healing satin finish?

    I saw that Defender ad pop up for the first time today and it was news to me. I have heard that the satin finishes are difficult to maintain. So this is the first time I've heard the claim that if you leave them in the sun the body panels will "heel" minor blemishes. Curious to hear how that...
  10. toddjb122

    Signing off

    Thanks for all the tips and shared knowledge over the years. You've always been incredibly generous with your assistance. Congrats on the new vehicle. I'm sure this forum will open up a new board. Seems odd they haven't already done so... That is a beautiful new ride you have there! Thank...
  11. toddjb122

    Considering a 2014 LR4 Lux Package.... Need Some Advice

    I had an LR3 that I took from new to ~200K miles (I forget the exact amount now). I bought my current 2013 LR4 at 50K miles, just out of warranty, with no regrets. It is a well built dependable car. It's not completely trouble free like a Toyota might be for you... but it's not a high...
  12. toddjb122

    Using the 12v trunk plug without cutting out after 3 minutes?

    Some? I guess the LR4 may be different. Curious which ones are now constant power. So, I am guessing that if I do this I just have to be responsible and not leave a power sucking device attached that'll drain your battery. BUT, leaving a cell phone connected, for instance, would not be a...
  13. toddjb122

    Alarm Drama.

    I've had the alarm issue before on my LR3 and my LR4. It's annoying to debug. Glad you found it, sorry it cost a good bit for parts and labor.
  14. toddjb122

    Using the 12v trunk plug without cutting out after 3 minutes?

    This is an awesome tip and reminder. Thanks. One of the most annoying features of the LR3/LR4 for me is the lack of any usable DC power when the truck is turned off. You can't even trickle charge a cell phone like you can in virtually every other car. That said, something about the rover...
  15. toddjb122

    Bearmach Rear Shelf

    How does this install? Is this something easy to remove when you need the 3rd row or all the space? Thanks for the heads-up on the product.
  16. toddjb122

    2012 LR4 Dual Battery Install - Part 1 - Preparing the 2nd Battery Bay

    I'm on the edge of my seat!!! Where is PART 2??? :) This is one of the key mods I have wanted to make since I've had an LR3 in 2005 and now and LR4. I was disappointed to see they 2nd battery box occupied in the LR4 and I'm not that comfortable in the engine compartment moving brake lines...
  17. toddjb122

    Thoughts on 2021 Bronco as LR4 replacement?

    This is really good intel. Thank you for sharing it!
  18. toddjb122

    Thoughts on 2021 Bronco as LR4 replacement?

    Do you think they're already making Punisher spare tire covers for it? :D
  19. toddjb122

    Thoughts on 2021 Bronco as LR4 replacement?

    That's awesome! Thanks. (I'd use it more for boat tie downs but the limb risers sound great also).
  20. toddjb122

    Thoughts on 2021 Bronco as LR4 replacement?

    Didn't know that about the body panels. That's a great feature. What are those handles for on the front edges of the hood? I notice in one picture they had a cable running from them to the top corners of the windshield. Couldn't figure out what purpose that served.
  21. toddjb122

    Thoughts on 2021 Bronco as LR4 replacement?

    Oh yeah, I get that for sure. A spare under the rear surely isn't easily accessible for those of you that get to put your rig in situations where you are more likely to need a spare than most of us concrete crawlers. ;) But sadly, you know who the actual market is for LRs vs. the "target"...
  22. toddjb122

    Thoughts on 2021 Bronco as LR4 replacement?

    I agree with you 100% and do the same and need the same from a vehicle. I did see that they have storage in the back of the seats in one of those videos (or under the seats). When I saw that I knew they wouldn't depress down like ours and fold flat. Now, if that slide out tailgate assembly...
  23. toddjb122

    Hitch - cracked

    Wow, that's an odd failure. Be curious to get some more info from @shanerrs on how it could have been hit/stressed. That's the rear of the receiver with the crack, correct? Maybe he was towing something heavy that got very unblanced and exerted a LOT of upwards pressure on the front of the...
  24. toddjb122

    Trailer hitch & Wiring harness

    Also check out roverland parts. I bought a used one from them for my 2013, realized my mistake (I wanted a new part), and they were able to order it for me pretty quickly. Sounds like you may be in a bit of a time crunch, but give them a try. Email/call them. The website did not list the new...
  25. toddjb122

    Michilin, Goodyear or Nokian? (19")

    I thought of that little snowflake on the tire also... :) but does it really matter? It's an all season tire. They just note that it's good for ice and snow, doesn't mean it's designed for only that. Anyway, I use mine on sand and roads as Allison described and I like the performance over...

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