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  1. Shredahead

    For Sale:2011 LR4 HSE**LOWERED PRICE***

    Reluctantly selling my 2011 LR4 with 118,320 miles. I'm the second owner (third including dealer who I bought it from) and have had the car since Feb 2016 with about 62,000 miles. It's and Orkney Grey HSE with black interior with black lacquer trim. Climate Comfort Package with the front and...
  2. Shredahead

    Bulb recommendation for F11 to F9 modification

    I've been ro running modified F9 bulbs in my projector beam headlights. Have not been able to get a build to last more than 11-12 months. Anyone have any luck finding a long lasting option for the F9 bulbs?
  3. Shredahead

    Posting in classified’s.

    I’ve got 54 posts and trying to post my LR4 for sale. It’s telling me I don’t have privleges to post. Back in 2018 I posted and sold four snow tires in the classifieds. How many post does one need?
  4. Shredahead

    Drivers Seat Position

    Has anyone moved or know if the driver seat tracks can be repositioned further back giving more leg room? I've been driving my 11 LR4 for 6 years and it's been fine but dealing with some neuron-muscular issues and a fused ankle making it hard to pivot my right foot from the gas to break in a...
  5. Shredahead

    19" Toyo Observe GSI-5 studless snows.

    4 snow tires used lightly last season. About 3000 miles on these. They are in great shape and one of the best snow tires I've used. 255/55/19. These were off of an LR4 and would be great on a RRS as well. Ride and handle great. Amazing on icy and snow packed roads. Looking for a local...
  6. Shredahead

    Voyager Racks rear spare tire carrier install

    Hey there, anyone with a Voyager rear spare tire carrier on their LR4 have any experience with the install? Just curious how hard or how much of a PITA it is to install? Does the bumper need to come off? Need to get the tire out from under the rig. Thanks for the help!
  7. Shredahead

    LR4 Gremlins

    I've got a 2011 HSE which in general has been a great rig. Other than a weird couple of electrical gremlins anyway. While not a big deal as it only happens occasionally, the left steering wheel controls that control the radio volume and mode get confused at times. Once in while when you hit...
  8. Shredahead

    This happened today.

    Compos showed up. Now to get some shoes on there. Leaning towards Cooper Discoverer A/T 3. Also considering Toyo Open Country A/T II and Falken Wildpeak AT 3. Appreciate any feedback. Looking for something that is still relatively smooth and quiet on the highway but still worthy off road. Is...
  9. Shredahead

    Rear spare tire carrier

    Hey Ya'll, Getting some new wheels, replacing my 19" with 18"'s. I've heard you can't fit a fully inflated 285 65 18 in the spare tire compartment under the back of the vehicle. Truth to that? How about a 265? Or better yet, does anyone know a source for a rear spare tire carrier? Seems...
  10. Shredahead

    Starting issues

    Every once in a while my 2011 LR4 will have this issue when starting. Anyone else have this and any knowledge would be appreciated. So I pushed the start button the starter cranks but the car does not start. After a couple seconds I hit the start button again to stop the starter. Then press...
  11. Shredahead

    Fuel pressure fault and intake camshaft fault

    Hey LR braintrust. I've got an 2011 LR4 with 69,000 miles. It's been flawless until this morning. Started it up and it stalled. Re-started it and it ran rough and went into and read reduced power mode on the display. My local guy ran the codes and needs more diagnostic work and tear off...
  12. Shredahead

    Headlight level/height adjustment

    Hey there, any advice on headlight adjustments. I searched the forum but came up with nothing. My fairly new to me 2011 LR4 headlight does not seem great but I think it is set up too low. If fact I drove over Berthod Pass the other night and needed to use my high beams just to see okay...
  13. Shredahead

    Tow hitch question

    Would the OEM tow hitch from an LR3 also fit a 2011 LR4? Thanks in advance for the help?
  14. Shredahead

    LR4 questions from a noob

    So I've had my 2011 LR4 for a week and a half. Learned a lot already on this forum about some mods that I'll get done here in the coming months. Pretty much have all of the controls of the vehicle figured out. Except the nav, not the most intuitive and a bit clunky IMHO. Also have...
  15. Shredahead

    Psyched to be in a Land Rover

    Hi There, Just joined the forum and looking forward to spending way too much time learning about the LR4 here. First time owning a Land Rover although have family members who's had Dico's and an LR3. Just picked up a 2011 LR4 HSE. Beautiful rig and lots to do and learn. Car was a 1 owner...