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    Has anyone put Pirelli Scorpion Winter tires on their LR4 ?

    Sold my old LR4 with blizzaks, so time to get snow tires for the new one. I live in Denver, but most of the driving I'll be doing in the winter will be on highways that are plowed but have an inch or two of that weird slush / packed snow mix. Or just generally packed snow in town. I see...
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    The curious case of the missing LR4 Antenna

    Weird, did you drive through a low clearance garage recently?
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    Back cargo area???

    I'd guess you could get something like this dog cage and put the groceries in there?
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    LR4 Xenon Headlight Facelift (DRL Issue using GAP)

    You in Colorado ? I pulled the HIDs off my 2012 before I traded it in, and have them in the basement. Non-adaptive.
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    LR4 Xenon Headlight Facelift (DRL Issue using GAP)

    I don't believe so. On my 2012 HSE, I swapped in a set of the HIDs from a Lux. I had to recode in GAP, but they worked fine without any physical modifications.
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    fold outside mirrors when locked

    I think fitted (no logic) may move them when you hit the lock button 2x, but not if you just do it 1x.
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    fold outside mirrors when locked

    I guess, crazy question, when you have it set it to "Fitted" and they still move, are you pressing the lock button just once, or are you double-clicking the button ?
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    fold outside mirrors when locked

    Been a while since I was in there, but isn't there a third option, "not fitted" ?
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    magnaflow on LR4 - any ground clearance issues?

    Now if someone could just make an exhaust for the 3.0SC that makes it sound less like a sewing machine....
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    2012 LR4 V-8 vs 2015 LR4 V-6 Quirks

    That sounds like a malfunction. It should be quiet unless there's something close to the sensors....
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    LR4 5.0 Chain Guides actual problem?

    A motion for Preliminary Approval of the Class Action Settlement (the court has to approve the settlement terms) was filed on 6/28 and will be heard on 8/2. The proposed settlement looks to be a mix of warranty extension (for those who have not had the problem diagnosed by an authorized Land...
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    TFT Upgrade

    There are two long threads at the DISCO3 forum that might be helpful
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    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    I purchased the 2016 from a dealer... No flasher. I've certainly traded in modified cars and have kept mum when doing so. I get these cars aren't commonly modified, but hey, here's hoping!
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    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    I came from a 2012 LR4 into the 2016. But, on a few occasions, I've borrowed a friend's 2016 as well. From what I recall, acceleration on my friend's seems to taper off, whereas mine seemed to pull harder in the upper rev range. But, of course, I understand this may be faulty memory...
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    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    Actually, @Fuji4 @16FujiDisco have a question for you. I recently picked up a '16, and finally had the opportunity to wring it out the other day. It actually pulls pretty damn hard from 5500 - redline. Actually kinda surprised me. From looking at the velocity AP dyno, this is supposedly...
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    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    I do also wonder, though, is the transmission tune going to affect any of the terrain response stuff of holding gears, etc...?
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    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    I'd probably bite at that price point... Something tells me they're not going to have a 4th July sale.
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    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    Is it typically just black Friday timing ?
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    Alarm system eyeroll

    If I recall correctly, also beware that if you accidentally throw your keys inside when only the tailgate is open, the car will still relock when you close the tailgate.
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    Can I Get My Vehicle Service History Online

    I don't believe the OSH works in NA. You can try it again, choosing England as the country, but it won't have any records either.
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    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    I expect it has an electronically controlled wastegate. I'd be amazed if the block is seeing 36 PSI. Hell, an N54 runs on 8 (over ambient, so 22.7 total). But that also means it may not be an issue of needing to spin more RPMs to make the expected (or desired) boost.
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    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    This is really just a tangent, but if you're posting compressor maps I'm guessing you might know the answer: Do you know if the ECU is maintaining absolute or relative pressure increase over ambient? I'm living at 5000 and regularly climbing to 11,000+, and I'm curious what kind of hit in power...
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    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    So, you're saying LR downgraded the pump between '15 and '16?
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    AC Not Blowing Cold...Sometimes

    I had this problem pretty apparent on my 2012, and shop did an evac & recharge. Found out it was something minimal like .17lb of freon off. Full charge didn't totally eliminate it, but improved the situation greatly. A lot of cars put a separate electric condenser fan right in front to...
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    Tailgate weight rating

    Yeah, I looked at a couple of D5s. Could use it in a pinch to change shoes or something, but its def not a food prep table like the D4.