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    back up camera isn't working and "park aid unavailable" banner

    LR4 2013- i've had this intermittent problem and have been to both a LR dealer and a local repair shop that works on RR/LR. the camera doesn't work when placed in reverse as it should, and i get the banner noted above on my screen. the dealer said it just had to be reset, worked for a few days...
  2. J

    shade from the sun?

    i've been trying to shield my left arm and side of face from the sun beating down on it while driving and so far haven't found the right intervention. i tried applying the static cling type baby shade, which did work, but left me feeling that my peripheral vision was not up to par. i've also...
  3. J

    am i the only poster seeing the links for LR for sale on my post?

    i know this is probably not the right place to post this question, but i am seeing a series of boxes with cars for sale on my thread. does anyone else see this and how do i disable it?
  4. J

    touch screen whiteout

    i had about a half hour of white touch screen today, although the sat radio and the other radios still worked, but i couldn't see if the nav system was up, or the phone. has anyone else experienced this? it dissapeared as mysteriously as it started.
  5. J

    occasional "grabbing" feel when applying brakes going downhill

    LR4 2013 HSE LUX when applying brakes going downhill, usually in the morning, sometimes when damp out- sometimes not- i feel that my brakes are "grabbing" before stopping. there's no warning light illuminating on the dash. it's similar to the ABS effect. is this a reason to bring the car in for...
  6. J

    hitch transitional piece

    just got back from the dealer- i have the HD package on my 2013 LR4 which includes the possibility for the addition of a transitional piece that will accept a hitch, or in my case a bicycle rack. parts told me it more than 500 dollars for the part! any one have any success with an after market...
  7. J

    mechanics of exterior lights: problem?

    2013 LR4 HSE LUX HD PACK SIRIUS VISION ASSIST- i have selected the auto lamps on feature and sometimes i have an illuminated icon on my panel and sometimes not. i have found that when i don't see the icon- i also can't see an icon for the front or rear fog lamps if selected. i have been assuming...
  8. J

    vision assist surround cameras

    so i think we are all in agreement that the surround camera system has it's limitations. i think i could appreciate it a little more if i could get the front junction view to make some sense. right now- i basically have the same view on each of the front cameras. i tried to move the images (only...
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    two outstanding questions for new owner

    2013 LR4 LUX/HD package/vision assist/sirius after a tutorial from the salesman, and reading the owners manual cover to cover- many of my questions are answered. i have two outstanding questions: where do i see the screen saver? i am able to make selections but no changes appear. (pg. 104) what...
  10. J

    problem nailing down the price?

    has anyone else had the situation where the dealer would not put the agreed upon price in writing upon ordering? the sales manager we dealt with wrote down a number that we agreed on on my build cut sheet, but each time i request a hardcopy of the order- i get a hardcopy with all the details...
  11. J

    extended leather pack

    about to order my first LR4 and am so excited. the windsor leather seats are great- but i can't really tell the difference between the arm rests, dash and door rolls with and without the extended leather pack and need to decide if i should order that option. any advice? 2013 LUX nara...