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  1. mbw

    Boot height Q (sleeping inside)

    I slightly raised and leveled the fridge so that its part of the platform. The cabinets wrap around it pretty close. You can't even feel it. That way I can easily open and use the fridge without any extra lids.
  2. mbw

    Front End Suspension(?) Unidentified Noise

    Meyle HD arms, they are still rubber without the oil filling. Stay away from poly they are harsh and can break things. Get an air hammer/chisel to get the bolts out. Less work than the saw method.
  3. mbw

    Boot height Q (sleeping inside)

    Ya, I like having my water/tire on the rear, roof rack is just for my 23 Zero 270 awning, maxtrax, full sized shovel and my two room shower/bathroom tent. Keep it light up top. I like this setup for my solo trips because it is so quick and easy and light. It's also good for road stealth...
  4. mbw

    Coolant Vacuum Fill

  5. mbw

    Coolant Vacuum Fill

    Mine went to about -25. Then close the valve and shut off the compressor. Let it sit for a minute and make sure you don't have leaks. Then open up the fluid fill.
  6. mbw

    Actual Water/Oil Temps

    I use a vacuum fill tool for my coolant which I highly recommend. No bleeding required after using it. I recently replaced my original 2013 water pump with a new one which I found out is a crazy number of revisions newer. Now even when im driving around in summer (70-85F) on flat ground I...
  7. mbw

    Boot height Q (sleeping inside)

    I think you could fit two people just fine if you are ok with sleeping in a slightly small "full" bed.
  8. mbw

    Boot height Q (sleeping inside)

    Frontrunner drawers with custom platform cabinets (2nd row seats out, only 4 bolts per seat to remove). I keep my 50qt ARB fridge in the middle of 2nd row all the time. Exped megamat duo is perfect fit and really comfy. Even better than any of the 4" thick thermarest and other expensive pads...
  9. mbw

    Going to MOAB. Suggestions on a family friendly trail?

    My wife and kids would probably freak out doing Hurrah Pass to get to Chicken Corner, but it is a nice easy/moderate set of trails. That area is nice too because you can camp around the wind caves off the catacomb spur. And the camping spot just before the actual chicken corner by those cliffs...
  10. mbw

    Firewall feed-through?

    understood, i just wanted to post that for posterity so that others understand the risk. Those wires are easily damaged and could be a major pain in the **** to fix.
  11. mbw

    Firewall feed-through?

    I do not recommend this location. Way too easy to damage wiring loom/harness there. The brake booster grommet has nothing running through it and is nowhere near any important wire harnesses.
  12. mbw

    Are all terrains really necessary for even mild offroading?

    For me I like to be able to wheel for 7+ days somewhere like Moab and not have to go back into town for fuel. But I largely agree for US based travel. And I use a 15L Wavian jerry, I don't get rotopax.
  13. mbw

    Lower control arm replacements

    I have ~3k miles on my Meyle HD lower arms. They feel every bit as soft as OE but they are just rubber bushes and not fluid filled. They are not poly, its black rubber with a better design. Highly recommend.
  14. mbw

    Tyre Trek Swing Away

    I would agree that T44 is not built or designed by engineers. Eric is a fabricator. (A very good one, his welds are **** AF). Which is why I went with an ARB front bumper. The rear bumper is basically going over the existing cross member/bumper so its not changing the crash safety aspect of...
  15. mbw

    Tyre Trek Swing Away

    LOL, I have never heard of anyone saying T44 stuff is not beefy or solid. That is hilarious. I am sure Kaymar is great stuff, I have never seen it in person as I don't think you have ever seen T44 in person. T44 is plenty solid. I have done some rough trails and it doesn't budge or...
  16. mbw

    Back cargo area???

  17. mbw

    Tyre Trek Swing Away

    Don't forget about the tactical 4x4 option. I have an older version at this point and they continually update/upgrade the design. But it is great. Really easy to take the swing arms on/off too. Here are images of it without and with the arms. Tire sits very close to the tailgate and looks...
  18. mbw

    Tyre Trek Swing Away

    just because you can put a shackle on it doesn't make it a suitable recovery point. more of a tow point and only for straight level pulls. Just be careful with that.
  19. mbw

    First Time Towing

    yep, my newer LED boat trailer didn't pull enough current to trip the LR4 into putting the tow dashboard light on. It still towed it just fine.
  20. mbw

    Tyre Trek Swing Away

    Good idea to move it up, but it covers the rear recovery point which sucks. If you had to recover it what do you do? take the tire swing off? ooof! I personally have never seen a hitch mount (single point of contact) tire swing that didn't jiggle around like a fat guy off road. My Tactical...
  21. mbw

    Best rack for LR4 without factory rails

    Front runner is a good option if you want those specific accessories, but I also think the Voyager style is worth considering. It is steel vs aluminum and its one single solid piece instead of a bunch of parts put together. The voyager is 1" round bar so you can can attach anything to it with...
  22. mbw

    Jazzed about racktop lights and then.....

    Just my view, but I am very over the roof light thing. I removed my roof light bar. never used in in practice and I am off road all the time. My ARB Intensity lights on the bull bar are way way more useful. Light spill on the hood sucks (And mine didn't even do that much since it was set...
  23. mbw

    Best rack for LR4 without factory rails

    Love my low profile Voyager rack. Super tough. I can jump on it and I am a big guy. (Polymax chicken coop flooring, some eo2 mounts for cases or maxtraxx mounts, 100 watt panel on gas struts to lift up.)
  24. mbw

    Transmission issue? Funny sound.

    Kind of a pain to diagnose, but ultimately I think you (or a shop) would have to check the fluid level and then go from there. Could be issues with the trans if its not just a simple fluid thing.
  25. mbw

    Hi-Lift Jack storage options?

    How big are your tires? 31.5" or 265/65R18 will clear the bump stops if you are all the way deflated. The factory jack is super sketchy, but if you are going to use it, you will have to just jack on the lower control arm to lift the wheel off the ground. It has zero chance of lifting the...