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    Brake Sensor (Front) Damaged do I need to pull pads to install?

    One of my front brake sensors (Front) is damaged and alerting. My pads are great with only a few thousand miles on them. Do I need to pull pads to install the wear sensor? Or can I snap it in place without removing the pad mechanism? Just curious. Thanks
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    New rear hatch shocks? Preferably better than OEM?

    Any better than stock rear hatch shocks? I'm sick of smashing my skull into the hatch as it slowly creeps down after opening it in the colder months. I'm already on borrowed neurons. I trust this forums opinion better than LR. Cheers Mike
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    Engine light when fuel level down to a few gallons Err Cd is fuel system performance

    Any one have their engine light spring up when the tank is low? LR said the code was fuel system performance issue (I stopped by right as they were closing). They can't see my car for a few weeks. I filled the car on the way home and the light turned off. I' supposed to leave for MOAB (my...
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    Going to MOAB. Suggestions on a family friendly trail?

    My wife wants to go on a Jeep Tour on a super mellow trail becaus we have little kids. I don't want to pay for this because we have a 2016 LR4 and also think its a waste to pay for a mellow trail tour. If I pay i'd prefer something beyond my skill set. I'd rather drive ourselves on a mellow...
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    Water in the cabin headliner. 2016 LR4

    I know the answer is most likely the sunroof drains.... however I have a question. The water is originating from the center of the windshield where my overhead console lights are. It has not spread more than a foot or so in each direction. Everything else is dry all the way to the A pillars...
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    Low mile year, should I still get annual oil change? (out of warranty)

    I only have driven roughly 4.5k in the last 12 months due to the pandemic. Should I still get the annual oil change? My service reminder on the dash just popped up. I have 54k on the car. My last change was at 49.5k. I do tow about 1k of those miles. Thanks
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    Rattle from passenger side (front Right) floor area under LR4 at 1100RPM

    Hey everyone, I am getting a rattle at 1100 RPM when moving. It sounds like something metallic is rattling or loose when I listen (drive by a large brick wall to get sound reflection with passenger window open). From the inside is sounds muffled, but its very annoying. Rain/shine/snow/cold/warm...
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    Using the 12v trunk plug without cutting out after 3 minutes?

    I was out using my telescope in the mountains and needed to use the 12v accessory plug located in the rear of the truck near the tailgate after my portable power supply died. The 12v plug would only stay powered for 3 minutes at a time before the truck shut it off. Is there a way to keep this...
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    Low Battery: Start Engine - Battery fine...Alternator working great

    Hi, My LR4 just rolled over 50k (out of warranty) I am literally at 50,007 on the odometer. My car has been giving me a warning over the last three days "Low Battery Warning: Star Engine". Does land rover have covert code to force them to break at exactly 50,001k? o_O Being serious now, I...
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    30k miles of annoying brake issues

    I have a 2016 LR4. I love it except for one super annoying issue. Whenever I stop and start driving after parking, or have parked overnight my rear brakes squeal like crazy (not when in use) driving under 20mph. This started around 5k. Which leads to me having to stop pull on the emergency...
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    Hail Damage Repair in CO for LR?

    Just got crushed by baseball-sized hail. Should I go through LR recommended shop to fix the LR4? It really got hammered. I'm worried it might need some bodywork as some of the rounded edges and curves got hit and look like someone took a hammer to the car.
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    Prospeed UK LR4 ladder instuctions?

    Hi, My dog literally ate the instructions. Can anyone scan them or link a picture to steps 1-8 for me? Thanks Mike
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    Booster seats with backs in 3rd row? 2016 LR4

    Has anyone put boosters in the 3rd row of an LR4 2016 model? I couldn't find any documentation of latch hooks. Has anyone found a reasonable location to attach Latch boosters? Thanks
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    Any suggested textured black paint for Prospeed UK Ladder?

    I just received a new ladder for the LR4. It is gloss slippery black...I would like to spray it with a textured black so it isn't so slippery. Does anyone have a suggested paint? I have used Krylon on lawn furniture in the past but have no clue how it would work on the ladder. I liked the...
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    I have had a loaner D5 for a week Ask Me Anything (LR4 owner)

    I have had a loaner D5 with 300 miles on it. Here are my initial observations: Much bigger than I thought. For that matter than it looks while moving Feels very heavy. Drives like a ford explorer (older ones) Turning radius is NOT good. I had to do a 3 point turn on a residential street...
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    New Brakes at 25k..Suggestions for upgrades. 2016 Lr4

    I'm at 2mm all the way around already. This surprised me a bit, i thought I would get to 40 or 50k with the stock setup. But this is where I am, so... I really don't like the stock brakes and how they perform. Looking for upgrade suggestions. I would like to buy them and have a 3rd party rover...
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    Plastic plug broke roof-rail installation

    Long story short I made an attempt last winter when it was about -22 deg F and the top shattered into a million pieces leaving the stem in the hole.. Fast forward i'm installing my rack and i cannot get that friggin nub out. All of the other plugs came out without issue in warmer weather. i was...
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    washer fluid - Doesn't work in the cold? Feature or Error?

    I am assuming my washer fluid not functioning if the temperature is below 20deg C is a byproduct of crappy design more than a 'feature'. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
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    New Lr4 getting brake squeek like Parking Brake not fully released

    I Just noticed a nice annoying medium tone originating (where i believe) from my driver side rear when I start driving. Its definitely happening when no brakes are being applied in any manner. It seems like my parking brake isn't fully releasing or something? Has anyone else experienced this...
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    Frontrunner Roof Racks

    Anyone using the shorter version of the Frontrunner roof rack II? If so I am wondering if you are happy with it. I'm thinking of one for my MTB, kayak, camping stuff, Gas Cans and generator etc. Thanks Mike
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    Can someone post where LR mounted Brake Controller LR4

    I was wondering if someone could post a picture of exactly where LR mounted your Brake Controller? I am trying to pick the best spot above/ near the foot rest by the brake peddle arm. I have an light that will be blocked somewhat if I use the location that seems obvious. Thanks
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    Does the trailer stability assist feature interfere with BC or Wt dist. hitch?

    Hi, I have the vision package included with my LR4. This package includes "Trailer Stability Assist" and I was curious if it will interfere with an external brake controller? also, any clue if it interfere with a weight distribution hitch? I just...
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    LR4 just shuts off when I place car into park

    Hi, I have a 2016 LR4 HSE and I have a question. Is there a sequence that shuts my LR4 off when I am parking? I've noticed if I have ECO mode on, about 50% of the time when I put the car in park it completely shuts off (not just the engine). Even if I don't want the car to completely shut...
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    New LR4 question

    What is the "protection package" on my sticker. IE what does this mean and what should it include? Thanks
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    New LR4 owner

    Well, I sold my sedan and my truck to get down to a single vehicle That can go off-road and tow 6k+. Next door neighbor has an LR3 and he convinced me to get one. His has 148k and he has had zero problems. Previously I owned an 06 Xterra which I used to death. Off-roading, towing, camping and...

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