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    Check Engine Light and Fault Codes

    I was driving through the city yesterday and the dreaded check engine light popped on. It's actually the first time during my ownership that it's come on and my stomach sank when I saw that amber glow. It still drove fine and wasn't blinking which tends to mean it's safe to continue driving...
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    Extended Roof Rails - Missing Plastic Spacers

    I decided to roll the dice and ordered a Chinese extended roof rail kit off of ebay. When installing the rails I know it is essential to use the plastic washers (spacers) that go between the threaded inserts in the roof and the rail itself. Most Land Rover kits include this hardware and without...
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    20” Stormer Wheels on LR4

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has run 20” stormer wheels from a Range Rover sport on their LR4. The wheel width is wider at 9.5” and I wondered if that caused any issues. Also what tire sizes are people running on these wider wheels? Thanks in advance!

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