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  1. jlach993

    Check All Tire Pressure Fault

    Hey everyone, I know this topic has been covered extensively throughout this forum over the years however i believe i have a slightly different issue from the majority. I’ve been getting the “check all tire pressure” fault for a week straight. It is not the low pressure message indicating which...
  2. jlach993

    For those who have other things to worry about other than crossover pipe failure/catastrophic overheating

    I had a catastrophic coolant loss with my front crossover pipe failing at 98k miles. The water pump was busted as well as coolant was coming through the weep holes. I knew about the issue for the crossovers since around 50k, but never got to replacement beforehand. Anyways back to the failure...
  3. jlach993

    19 inch rims OEM Set of 4 rims

    These rims were powder coated back in 2018. The shop did a horrible job. The paint did not cure and the powercoat has been chipping. The actual rims have 0% damage. No chips or bends and is 100% round and not bent out of shape. Cosmetically is where they lack. Its perfect for someone wanting to...
  4. jlach993

    P061A & P061B64

    2011 with 98k miles. Truck does not have engine light on, but when scanning for codes I have two that are coming up. I've had these codes for a few months. Initially they cleared, but now it doesn't clear when I try. The two codes are: P061A Internal Control Module Torque Performance P061B64...
  5. jlach993

    2011 V8 Exhaust

    Here’s a cold start of my rover. I removed the muffler, mid resonator, and two back resonators by the tips. I added two Magnaflow Magnapacks and straight piped the rest of it to two aftermarket tips. It sounds ferociously loud upon a cold start up and when you’re gunning it on the...
  6. jlach993

    Shock alarm ideas/installation?

    Hey all, has anyone ever installed a shock alarm system on their rover? I know the factory alarm doesn’t do anything if anyone taps either bumpers or break a window. There’s been a lot of overnight break-ins in my once peaceful neighborhood. Please do chime in on what you guys have and any tips...
  7. jlach993

    Ram, raptor, silverado, or LR4?
  8. jlach993

    Rear hatch still stuck!!

    Hey all, I replaced the exterior rear door hatch switch. The upper hatch still would not open. No noise or anything when I press the button. Then I crawled in the back and undid the carpet and pulled on the cable and got the trunk open. Then i changed the actuator and the locking mechanism...
  9. jlach993

    Engine takes forever to warm up

    Is it normal for an LR4 V8 engine to take 30 mins to move only a quarter from cold on the dash during idle? Upon driving it warms right up into the middle within 2-4 mins. I don't normally warm the lr4 up, i just start it and let it idle down and drive it softly until it warms up which is within...
  10. jlach993

    Multiple Fault Codes From RSW solutions 4DSCAN Tool

    Hey all, My LR4 has 95000 miles and it doesn't have the check engine light on, however upon connecting my scan tool from RSW, it pulled a few codes from the engine. Does anyone have some insight on these codes? I did a general search on google and it appears it could be anything from an exhaust...
  11. jlach993

    Line Output Converter/Aftermarket Amp

    I want to upgrade the door speakers on my rig. It’s a 2011 with the base harmon kardon system. Can someone recommend some speakers they’ve used? Also i’d like to add a line output converter from the stock amp to an aftermarket amp to power those speakers. How would you go about installing this...
  12. jlach993

    Firestone Air Strut Leak

    I had my passenger front air strut replaced at the dealer about 6 years ago. I always thought it was an OEM air strut until i diagnosed it the other day and found out that it’s a firestone air strut? Since when does firestone make air struts for our trucks? I did some research online and they...
  13. jlach993

    0W-30 Oil for 2011 V8?

    Hey everyone, I have a 2011MY with 93k miles that’s running pretty well. I do a lot of vigorous driving and almost always carry a full truck with 7 adults. I do some light towing as well. I live in NYC where temps go as low as 15 degrees and as high as 95-100 in the summer months. I’ve been...
  14. jlach993

    Intake Valve Cleaning

    Hey everyone, i have a few questions i’d like to ask you all in regards to the valves on our DI engines. I’m not experiencing any issues with the motor, but i know they’re prone to carbon build up on top of the valves. I just want to do some preventative maintenance as the truck has 89k miles...
  15. jlach993

    What is the part??

    I removed my side vents on my rover and noticed a rubber/plastic bag filled with some type of material in it. Theres also some moisture in there. It’s under the side vent inside the front side panel. Does anyone know what it is?
  16. jlach993

    CEL after alternator/tranny fluid swap

    Hey all, anyone have any idea what these codes are in regard to? i tried clearing them with my RSW tool but they won't clear. I disconnected the battery instead and they're gone for now. Ill drive it around tomorrow and report back. Do you guys think it has to do with the recent alternator swap...
  17. jlach993

    Caked on Brake dust removal tips?

    I had my rims powder coated about 3 years ago. I usually clean my rims roughly every 2-3 weeks. However, i got a bit lazy and didn’t tackle them in about 2 months or roughly 3k miles. Now upon cleaning, the corners/creases on the rims have caked on brake dust. Only 85% of the brake dust came off...
  18. jlach993

    Horrible grinding sound when starting engine

    Anyone ever have any issues with their starters or flywheel? I have a horrible grinding sound every 5-10 startups. I figure its some chipped/worn teeth on the flywheel. I’m not sure if the starter is maybe loose or if its the actual flywheel. Anyone have any experience with this? I did some...
  19. jlach993

    Exhaust opinion?

    What do you guys think? Resonators/center muffler delete with the addition of two magnapacks from magnaflow with straight pipes added to connect back to the rest of the stock exhaust? What do you guys think in terms of sound and engine performance changes if any....
  20. jlach993

    Cloudy/Dirty HID Projector Lens

    2011 with 88k miles. I just changed my xenons out since they’ve never been changed and it seemed dim. Anyways upon firing them up i noticed that the projector lens is pretty foggy. It seems theres a film over it. Has anyone noticed/attempted to remedy this? If you look at the pics you could see...
  21. jlach993

    3K oil change intervals for our LR4s?

    Hey everyone, i was chatting with a rover specialist out in Long Island, New York and he explained that oil change intervals should be every 3k miles or three months on our LR4's. He said that even 5k/6 months intervals were too long for this vehicle. Apparently our engines are very prone to...
  22. jlach993

    RSW Tool Ride Height Calibration Values?

    Hey everyone, I just purchased the RSW tool and found that my ride height levels were all different values. What should they normally be? I posted a pic of the current values....
  23. jlach993

    Grinding noise when starting

    Hey all, i have this horrible metal grinding sound when starting my LR4. It happens probably 2 out of every 6 starts. It lasts a quarter second and the engine fires us and behaves normally. I never got any codes or had any affected performance. I'm guessing it has to do with my starter and the...
  24. jlach993

    Trunk not opening

    Hey everyone, i started getting an issue where my trunk wouldn’t open at all when pressing the tailgate latch button by the license plate. I know there are forums on this exact issue, but my situation is different whereas i do not get any clicks or the sound of it opening. Others have mentioned...
  25. jlach993

    LR4 -> Defender anyone?

    Check the last shot out Now that’s an Ad

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