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  1. jlach993

    2011 LR4 5.0 130k miles starting problem

    makes you wonder if there was ever any issue with what the shop changed out...smh
  2. jlach993

    Cyclical Engine Hum

    engine/transmission mounts as well. I had to change them out around 100k miles. It caused vibrations and humming into the cabin when driving and slightly when in gear at a stoplight.
  3. jlach993

    LR4 2010 Suspension height issue

    Usually the codes for a bad compressor correlate with pressure filling too slowly when raising or not exhausting air quickly enough when lowering the suspension, I'd do some more research on that code. Read this forum...turns out it was the rear valve block and not the compressor...
  4. jlach993

    Lost power, died, now won't crank. Any ideas?

    Hmm try swapping in a fresh battery? Odds are that one was probably working overtime if the alternator failed. A new battery should get the truck running. I tried jumping mine with the old battery in mine and not even a click. In theory regardless of the battery being bad or good in a normal car...
  5. jlach993

    New spare tire swing-out option

    Hey man tough crowd out here i dig it.
  6. jlach993

    Lost power, died, now won't crank. Any ideas?

    boss....I'd bet its the alt. I went through the same thing without any warning. As I'm now looking back I realized my HD radio wasn't functioning a few days before the rover crapped out on me. I read somewhere that for some reason when the alternator is crapping out the HD radio no longer works...
  7. jlach993


    Always use quality OEM Rotors or Zimmerman rotors. I went with EBC rotors and pads. They stop the truck on a dime and last around 25k miles (pads). The ebc rotors have been on for about 50k miles so far and look like they could go another set of pads. The only problem with the orangestuff ebc...
  8. jlach993

    Truck Burning Rich

    after the cold start like 90 seconds later does it still smell like fuel? My truck from new starts with a powerful gust of thick gray smoke that smells like fuel and exhaust, but clears after about 45 seconds. The exhaust smoke is clean and there is literally no smell. If its running rich it...
  9. jlach993


    Something is obviously putting unnecessary stress on that bearing. I don’t know the schematics of bearings and what may cause it to fail prematurely, but i’d do some research on that and see what else could be the cause of its early failure twice.
  10. jlach993

    Check All Tire Pressure Fault

    well spoke too soon people....pesky light came on once again a few mins ago. Now it's the rear right tire. At least it's not the general check all tire pressures light. i'll def be turning this tpms off with the gap tool once it arrives. I have bigger fish to fry with this vehicle lol.
  11. jlach993

    P219B Bank 2 Air/Fuel Ratio Imbalance

    it means there's unmetered air coming in from somewhere....most likely somewhere in the exhaust. do a smoke test on the exhaust and see if there are any leaks you need to weld. It could also be an o2 sensor failing.
  12. jlach993

    Check All Tire Pressure Fault

    Well guys very same story for me as well. I have my gap tool on the way as you guys are right, its a necessity for every land rover owner, but the light came off randomly when driving this morning. Such is life with a land rover i guess .
  13. jlach993

    Brake Vacuum Pump

    Honestly I'm not aware of anyone whose ever had those pumps actually failing on them. The issue with them is almost always oil from the failed gaskets. I'd just buy the gasket repair kit for it and clean up your old unit with some degreaser. I used a repair gasket kit from ebay for $20 a few...
  14. jlach993

    Check All Tire Pressure Fault

    Hmm so currently the rears are at about 42 and the fronts are 40. I tried 36/42 and 40/40 but i guess i should take your advice and inflate them all to 45 and see what happens. Wish me luck
  15. jlach993

    DIY Antenna LR095840 Install

    Thanks for the detailed write up. I’ve banged mine up pretty well in a hotel garage a few years back and ever since then my radio reception has sucked.
  16. jlach993

    Wiper issue

    I’d pull the battery and let the car sit overnight. Its fixed many electric gremlins of that sort.
  17. jlach993

    Check All Tire Pressure Fault

    Its so strange. There’s the fault i’m getting. I’ve tried everything. I think ill jump on that sale with lucky8 and get the tool. Thanks for that heads up btw.
  18. jlach993

    Check All Tire Pressure Fault

    Hey everyone, I know this topic has been covered extensively throughout this forum over the years however i believe i have a slightly different issue from the majority. I’ve been getting the “check all tire pressure” fault for a week straight. It is not the low pressure message indicating which...
  19. jlach993

    Oil Leak

    brake vacuum pump buddy. it's leaking?
  20. jlach993

    Wet cabin air filter

    Could be both, but most likely its the cowl against the windshield
  21. jlach993

    Brake Sensor (Front) Damaged do I need to pull pads to install?

    cut and tied together those wires since truck was new with first brake job.....just keep an eye on your brakes the old fashioned way.
  22. jlach993

    Air and newspaper noise on cornering -> Air strut bad?

    Well I'd pull out the air suspension relay in the relay/fuse box in the bonnet on the truck overnight. take measurements before pulling the relay and then again in the morning after the car sits over 8 hours. If both front struts dip overnight then its the front valve block that need replacing...
  23. jlach993

    Please help

    we need a little more information to go on? Did the battery drain whilst doing the repairs? start small first....could be anything from that to it not being timed correctly?
  24. jlach993

    New rear hatch shocks? Preferably better than OEM?

    i don't think anything would beat stock OEM struts honestly. They do age after about 10 years naturally.
  25. jlach993

    2010 LR4 HSE Luke warm heat on driver side

    Sounds like a blend door issue….honestly when using the heat you should be using the feet setting anyways. Heat rises. Plus the constant dry heat in your face isn’t good for your eye lubrication. I’m not 100% sure though.

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