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    6K Miles and 2 dealership visits Already

    2022 SE, i ordered it around April-May
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    6K Miles and 2 dealership visits Already

    1st Service New - A/C rattle coming out of right center vent Fix - Disassembled the dash for some reason the move something that didn’t sit right. Fixed 2nd 6K miles -Breaks Squeek with light peddle pressure Fix - None, still squeaks -A/C blower seems to fluctuate speed Fix - None, still...
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    My 18 got the update during a service
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    2022 Coil Spring option

    Just ordered a 2022, new option are coil springs
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    Steal of a deal on an LR4 with issues

    Check the VACUUM PUMP, for the exhaust smoke..
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    LR4 Accessories

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    2020 Defender Drive Impressions.

    You feel the new defender faster more powerful than the LR4? I also have a 2010 5.0 and was looking into the D2. I don’t want to drop $$$$ for a decked out model. I want steelies too!
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    Speedometer recalibration with IID Tool

    I have the same issue, 3mph off. 255/65/19
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    "Bucking" during acceleration

    took it to a transmission shop, and he mentions the same thing, fluid level. low or high can cause issues. the shop that changed my fluids was a general Machanic. Last time I do that again.
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    Coolant Low level alarm but level normal

    The float goes bad. You have to change the expansion tank.
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    "Bucking" during acceleration

    I’m getting a similar **** at a Med/Hard acceleration from stop. It started after I changed the transmission oil. 186,000mils
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    Show off your D5

    Thanks! oem 275/55/20 I did have it on off-road hight. My LR4 has rods and a bit extra gap tool lift up front to level out
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    Show off your D5

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    Help! Its Smoking!

    It’s the vacuum pump, it’s sucking oil into the intake. I also added a catch can. I had the same problem and took 4 shops to figure it out. It feels like it accumulates then Boom!! Cloud of smoke
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    Johnson loft and spacers

    I’m rods and Gap tool to put a little bit xtra lift , 26mm front 13mm back, to get a more level stance slight squat on My LR 4. ride is not as sturdy as stock but I bet it rides better than a Jeep!! want the best ride, keep it stock. Maybe for the first 60k miles.
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    Johnson loft and spacers

    I want space too... just put on some KO2s 275/55/20 Are there any cons from spacers? I’ve heard tons of mixed feeling no rubbing but I think it would look good getting tires flush with the fender. planing on lifting with the gap tool, I already lifter my LR4, just need to add this VIN.
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    Big LR4 issue, cut losses and sell vs fix?

    Take it to another shop
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    AC stops blowing cold air

    Anyone having issues with AC? My LR will blow super cold air cruising HWY speeds, but as soon as I slow down as I hit a city the air stops cooling. I have to accelerate RPMs to get it back going or accelerate over 3500 rpms to get it back going. any ideas?
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    Trailer hitch & Wiring harness

    Atlantic British has the wire harness
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    Adding OEM Rear Camera

    has anyone added a OEM camera to their LR4?
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    Gap tool

    Has anyone used a gap tool on their D5 ? I have made a few adjustments on my LR4, but not sure If to buy the extra VIN. If you have, what have you done?
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    Trailer programming with GAP IID tool

    Turned out to be the female socket.. I punched the wire right befor the socket and .. I still would like to know what to program the setting socket. there’s one option “7 pin USA” and many others ‍♂️
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    How to stop battery from draining

    I’m having the same issue with the battery draining. Just working on the car for a few hrs of doors open. Went to start in the morning and “low battery”. any way to add a second battery anywhere, like the new models
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    Trailer programming with GAP IID tool

    Did anyone figure this out? everything works on mine BUT the right turn signal... tested fuese, followed wires and everything looks good. im hoping it’s something I can program here with the gap tool..
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    Your experience about LR4 V8 5.0

    I think a big thing for the V8 is it’s well geared.. I pull around my can am x3 like nothing.. pulls hard and down shifts perfectly in time before loosing momentum. It’s about 4,500lbs with trailer. And I’m pushing 195,000 miles

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