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  1. PCJDB

    New to me 2018 Disco 5 Diesel

    I bit the bullet this week after lurking and looking at Disco 5's for a little while. I'm fairly newish to the Land Rover brand having owned a LR4 Landmark for the past year and a half. I fell in love, but was always interested in a little better road manners and mileage in order to get to the...
  2. PCJDB

    LR4 to Defender direct comparison questions

    I know this has been done in a few ways a few different times now, but I've never really seen or heard a direct comparison between driving dynamics of the LR4 and new Defender. Is there anyone here coming directly from a LR4 that could give some opinions. I'm on the fence of building out the...
  3. PCJDB

    New to Land Rover, New to me LR4 in Utah

    Just picked up a 2016 LR4 HSE LUX HD package vehicle with 60K miles on it a few months ago. Looking to start building it up as an overlander to explore everything Utah and beyond has to offer. Currently doing a lot of the long-term reliability maintenance from my readings here (LCA's, brakes...

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