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    6K Miles and 2 dealership visits Already

    1st Service New - A/C rattle coming out of right center vent Fix - Disassembled the dash for some reason the move something that didn’t sit right. Fixed 2nd 6K miles -Breaks Squeek with light peddle pressure Fix - None, still squeaks -A/C blower seems to fluctuate speed Fix - None, still...
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    2022 Coil Spring option

    Just ordered a 2022, new option are coil springs
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    AC stops blowing cold air

    Anyone having issues with AC? My LR will blow super cold air cruising HWY speeds, but as soon as I slow down as I hit a city the air stops cooling. I have to accelerate RPMs to get it back going or accelerate over 3500 rpms to get it back going. any ideas?
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    Adding OEM Rear Camera

    has anyone added a OEM camera to their LR4?
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    Gap tool

    Has anyone used a gap tool on their D5 ? I have made a few adjustments on my LR4, but not sure If to buy the extra VIN. If you have, what have you done?
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    IID Tool Adjustments

    Hello, just got my iid tool mainly to adjust my lr's hight. What else have you guys done with this tool, apart from diagnosing faults??
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    255/65/19 DuraTrac

    rhino rods lift installed with 255/65s!!
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    Rear Camera Options?

    mr lr4 did not have revers camera option.. does anyone know if there is a plug and play for the OEM headup display? i have see a few aftermarket universal cams, but i want something for original..
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    Cloud of Smoke

    hello, im new here... i have a 2010 lr4 5.0, i am getting a Huge cloud of bluish smoke on moderate acceleration right a gear change. This cloud is Huge!! I am not getting any codes, and the truck runs great apart from this. I have changed the PCV valve already.. Several of techs have checked it...

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