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    Auxiliary Spot Light Recommendations?

    My Prospeed light mounts are finally coming in... Which 6"ish lights are recommended? I like the power draw of LED, but cannot stand how the lights look that are clearly LED (Baja Designs, for example)... Has anyone tried the PIAA LP560 or LP570 lights? I like the classic look with LED...
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    Who makes a grill mounted aux light bracket?

    Trying to get some auxiliary lights mounted in front of the grill on the LR4. I can't find anyone making a set that'll ship stateside. Maybe I'm missing something? Seem simple enough to fabricate, but I lack the skills and tools...
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    Winch help with my LR4...

    Thinking of going with a hidden winch mount from Voyager Racks. Would the Warn Zeon Platinum 10-S winch fit? Anyone using this winch? Thanks!
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    Proud Rhino Rock Slider Installation Question

    Asking the forum since my mechanic is trying to install the sliders now and Lucky 8 is closed... Their website says that there is no drilling required and that the factory sill trim can be left intact. He's finding that 3 of the 6 holes lineup and the rest would require drilling. Can someone...
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    Can anyone recommend some black lug nuts for my Tuff Ant wheels?

    I hate the chrome capped lug nuts on my tuff ant wheels... plus, one of my caps already fell off after only 6,000 miles. Can anyone recommend a set of black ones that hold up ok?

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