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  1. JWLR4

    Engine Dies at 70 MPH

    At first I thought crank position sensor, too, but no joy on the starter makes me think something else. I just had to replace the CPS on my 2004 MB E320. Died without warning. Let it sit for 30-45 minutes and she’d fire up and run for 3-4 minutes, then die again. Part was $42. Getting to...
  2. JWLR4

    Exploring Cashes Valley with My LR4

    I recently had an opportunity to take my LR4 out to explore Cashes Valley, which is about 85 miles or so north of Atlanta. It’s a beautiful area and Cashes Valley Road has multiple stream crossings.
  3. JWLR4

    Question on rear crossover/heater pipe failures

    I just ordered a rear crossover/heater pipe for my ‘11 LR4 and am wondering if there’s any solid intel on catastrophic failures for that part. I know the front crossover has a well documented history of catastrophic failure, but what about the rear? I’ve really only seen reports of nuisance...
  4. JWLR4

    Showoff Your LR4

    You know that little “Jeep wave” thing? This is the Land Rover wave. :cool:
  5. JWLR4

    Normal or chain noise?

    Sounds exactly my 2011. I’ve got 88k on the clock. Runs strong, so I’m going to keep packing on miles and enjoy.
  6. JWLR4

    What did you do with your Lr4 Today?

    Absolutely love ‘em! Very glad I made the choice.
  7. JWLR4

    Roof Rails

    Thanks! And yes...I’m actually going to tap into the other two mounting points, just for good measure. :rock:
  8. JWLR4

    Roof Rails

    Thanks! For recovery boards, just small straps. Bungees would work, too. For larger stuff I use ratchet straps. Saw your comment on my IG post (thanks for the follow). Like I mentioned there, I’ll likely add a small section of tubing (very small...don’t need much) under the middle of each rail...
  9. JWLR4

    DIY Roof Rails for the LR4 (LR3 too, I guess)

    Not that I don’t expect to spend some money here and there, but I couldn’t help thinking there was a way to engineer a roof rail solution for the LR4 that functioned well and saved some cash. Well, I came up with a solution. Here it is... It’s sturdy, it works, and you can’t beat it for the...
  10. JWLR4

    Roof Rails

    Funny you just posted, because I just posted my DIY solution for LR4 roof rails! Super happy with the results!
  11. JWLR4

    What did you do with your Lr4 Today?

    A couple of days late, but I installed Toyo Open Country AT IIIs and LOVE THEM! 255/60/19s. Smooth on the highway and great offroad.
  12. JWLR4

    Showoff Your LR4

    Hangin’ out by the campfire.
  13. JWLR4

    Uh it toast?

    Gotcha. Thanks for the info. ✌
  14. JWLR4

    Uh it toast?

    Well, just eyeballed my LR4 as it was on the lift for new tires and saw this... Is it toast, or is that just an outer, protective portion? Doesn’t look good.
  15. JWLR4

    Getting tires installed at Discount Tire - Lift Concerns?

    Excellent. Thanks for the info. ✌
  16. JWLR4

    Getting tires installed at Discount Tire - Lift Concerns?

    I’m about to have some Toyo Open Country AT IIIs installed tomorrow at Discount Tire and need to know if there’s any special procedures for them getting it in the air. I’ll obviously point out the compressor location, so they don’t crush it, but does anything need to be done to deal with the air...
  17. JWLR4

    Bolt-on Roof Racks for LR4 Without Rails?

    Is it the slimline?
  18. JWLR4

    really rough ride after installing new Toyo Open Country A/T 3 19"

    Looks great! Those are the tires I plan to switch to in a couple of weeks. Any issues going to 255/60?
  19. JWLR4

    Bolt-on Roof Racks for LR4 Without Rails?

    I wonder if they’re really required, though. Seems like there’d be some DIY options for mounting to the threaded points on the roof. If there’s a rack that’s close enough in width to match up with the mounting points, I bet connections could be fabbed-up. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I just need an...
  20. JWLR4

    Bolt-on Roof Racks for LR4 Without Rails?

    Anyone know of any roof rack options out there that bolt straight to the existing mounting points on the LR4 roof without having a set of rails? Or, has anyone custom fabbed a solution that they can share? Seems unnecessary to me to have to buy rails to mount a rack unless you need the...
  21. JWLR4

    Another LR4 Saved from Coolant Death

    Question for those in the know on this: is the front crossover pipe referred to as the “front coolant outlet pipe,” by any chance? The water pump was replaced on my 2011 LR at 82k miles (86k on it now) and the service record at the dealership has that listed as an item that was done.
  22. JWLR4

    Newbie to the LR4 - GAP tool a must?

    Sounds like a hands-down, gotta have it item. Just ordered.
  23. JWLR4

    Newbie to the LR4 - GAP tool a must?

    Greetings! Recently purchased a 2011 LR4 HSE and am enjoying it so far. I’ve read a lot about the GAP IID BT and see it has a lot of benefits. I plan to do a good bit of moderate overlanding, so is it a must-have item? My gut tells me it is...just looking for some input from those who’ve been in...

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