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  1. cperez

    Upper Trunk Won’t Open

    The only reason I didn't install the latch (AB accepted it back for credit) is because it looked like it required an adjustment if I replaced the old one. I guess I could have marked its location with tape or something but after inspecting it I decided not to replace a perfectly functional part...
  2. cperez

    Upper Trunk Won’t Open

    Yes, there are two actuators. The one for the upper hatch is the one on the right/passenger/starboard side. Easy to access IF you can get your hatch to open once you have the part. Re parts, don't bother getting the kit that comes with both the actuator and the latch. Most likely you just have a...
  3. cperez

    DIY Oil Change for LR4

    I noticed that you simply pushed the “*****” suction tube down on the tube under the oil fill cap. I have always used one of the rubber couplers that came with my Mityvac. It fits perfectly over that tube. Is one of us doing it wrong, or are both of us doing it right? PS: Thanks for the video...
  4. cperez

    Thinking of moving on from LR4...

    I’ve had a lot of cars but letting an LR4 go would be the worst. I had a hard time saying goodbye to my 2011 but it was made easier knowing I would be replacing it with a newer LR4. When the 2013’s time is up I may not be capable of a rational decision. Good luck with the decision and hot damn...
  5. cperez

    Should I buy this LR4?

    This will be a good purchase for a savvy fellow LR aficionado…last of the V8’s, biotches!
  6. cperez

    Intro: Causeway Grey 2014 LR4

    Congrats, welcome, and kudos on the great photos. Looking forward to some quality shots as your build and adventures continue. Let us know your IG handle so we can follow each other there.
  7. cperez

    MPG Decline Over Time

    Side question about BFG44K— is it best to put it in close to (before) an oil change vs right after a change?
  8. cperez

    Alarm system eyeroll

    I love this feature and it saves me hassles at the marina when I go back and forth for stuff.
  9. cperez

    LR3 to LR4V8 to LR4SCV6 differences

    I always thought that was a cool feature of the LR3 even if I also thought it looked like a part just asking to be cracked off.
  10. cperez

    What did you do with your Lr4 Today?

    Is it the split-spoke style? I got a nice refinished one from hubcaphaven dotcom; they have all styles at decent prices.
  11. cperez

    Tailgate weight rating

    There was a discussion about this some time ago and I thought someone had verified that it was in the 550lbs range. This surprised and impressed me.
  12. cperez

    Tailgate weight rating

    I remember a previous thread about this and vaguely remember something in the 500 lb+ range which surprised me. Food prep? That space is for the cocktail bar at the tailgate parties.
  13. cperez

    LR3 to LR4V8 to LR4SCV6 differences

    Not sure if the pullout cupholders at the bottom of the center console (on the backside of it, for the 2nd row passengers) qualify as hidden or not, but they are there in LR4s. I know that streaming audio was offered in MY13 and possibly in '12 also. Prior to that only phone calls were possible...
  14. cperez

    Add Blind Spot Monitoring ? - 2016 LR4 HSE

    I'm pretty sure that the heated mirrors activate when you use defrost on the main glass. I'm not aware of any way to activate them by themselves.
  15. cperez

    Hood will only latch on one side

    This is why I lose my mind whenever I see a photo of someone sitting on the hood of a car.
  16. cperez

    Sunroof drain preventative maintenance?

    Ask @iSurfvilano for advice (and maybe even a video) on a very satisfying method for removing those side grills :D
  17. cperez

    Engine Dies at 70 MPH

    That might be one of the few remaining uncovered topics and a worthwhile thread to start. Most of us are well on our way to 100K miles or much more. That’s also what makes this section such a gold mine of info and experience.
  18. cperez

    V8 Coolant Manifold / Crossover & Maintenance Parts List

    Where were these slipways, Stuart? Every time I hear that term I think of a Land Rover friend in Jersey who often photographs his collection of Rovers on the various slipways around the island.
  19. cperez

    DIY Oil Change for LR4

    That'll be my plan moving forward. I've always bought odd numbers of quarts at the dealership to make sure I have that 1/2 qt extra and a backup. Now it's time for the KISS method: 8 qts every 5K. Re that JLR engineer throwdown, I can hear the boss saying "Let's test how far this brand loyalty...
  20. cperez

    DIY Oil Change for LR4

    I changed my oil yesterday at the usual 5K interval (85K odo FWIW). I took out just over 8 qts. I usually put 8.5 qts back in and it always pegs the digital gauge at Max. This time I only put in 8 qts before checking the level and the digital gauge indicated Max. I just went out to check again...
  21. cperez

    A/C Blower Issue

    For those of us old enough to get this, imagine being psyched to see a part labeled "Made in Japan". For the record I also love my Seiko diver and Sony mirrorless camera...
  22. cperez

    Sunroof drain preventative maintenance?

    Mine is garaged every night and I wonder if outside parking accelerates drain issues due to sun beating down and drying out components, and/or rain/snow accumulating for longer periods when outdoors. I wash mine regularly including the roof and have never had any problems. One other factor is...
  23. cperez

    Engine Dies at 70 MPH

    Whaddya mean, you're barely on your 2nd oil change! (mileage-wise, hopefully you've changed it at least annually even if you don't drive it much). :D
  24. cperez

    Differences between a Discovery 4 from Mex and an US LR4

    It's a beauty. I have the 2013 version also in Santorini black and the extended roof rails.
  25. cperez

    LR4s out there holding their value maybe more than just quite well

    Your chiseling dealer needs to see the posts above and sharpen his pencil a bit!

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