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  1. Panzerknacker

    2006 LR3 SE V8. Colorado.

    Sale is Pending.
  2. Panzerknacker

    2006 LR3 SE V8. Colorado.

    Due to military orders I will be moving away from Colorado and will be selling my LR3. It has been a great vehicle to own and I had some good trail runs in it, but it just wont suit my needs where I am going. 2006 LR3 SE V8, 42000 miles. Black on black, heated seats front and rear, bluetooth...
  3. Panzerknacker

    F.S. 2006 Land Rover LR3 HSE

    Hey man how are you doing? I just came down on orders to move out of CO myself... lll probable be selling the LR3 when I go. There just wont be any need for me to have a large 4wd in Georgia. Good thing about you going to Germany is that you can get autos that we cant get here in the states...
  4. Panzerknacker

    The obligatory "Show off your LR3' thread

    Yeah all of those are located off of Old Stage and Gold Camp. The mud pit is a little further up... At the beginning of a trail called Bull Park. I am back from overseas.
  5. Panzerknacker

    The obligatory "Show off your LR3' thread

    Some fun in the Colorado Springs area.
  6. Panzerknacker

    Machining Rotors?

    Wish I saw your thread earlier. I had my pads replaced all the way around and didn't bother with the rotors. I used Akebonos and I am happy. Ill do rotors next time the pads need replaced.
  7. Panzerknacker

    Steel/Any Wheels/Offroading Tires/AirSuspension LIfts

    The Rod Mod is pretty easy to install/uninstall as needed. I have damaged a few of the grommets though. I wish it was easier to run oversize tires, I had a pinch flat on a really rocky trail last summer. Partially my fault because I aired down a little too much, but the guys runing oversize...
  8. Panzerknacker

    Well THAT didn't take long

    Sounds like an airflow sensor problem to me too as well... Havent had one in my LR3, but I have in other cars. Check to see if the previous owner put a K&N filter in it. Oil based filters have a tendancy to ruin MAFs. I know you are still under warranty but auto parts stores sell MAF cleaner...
  9. Panzerknacker

    Brush guard/aux light setups.

    Pretty close to it. The 500 series are the ones.
  10. Panzerknacker

    The obligatory "Show off your LR3' thread

    One from a little while back.
  11. Panzerknacker

    Well Friends... It's Been Real

    Wouldn't two twin turbos make four? J/K I looked at 335 a while back. Really nice car. Although it was a few years older I liked my C32 AMG better.
  12. Panzerknacker

    Medano Pass, Co June 19-20

    Ill be arriving in Afghanistan somewhere about then.
  13. Panzerknacker

    Medano Pass, Co June 19-20

    again, I would be down to drive Mt. Baldy on Sunday afternoon... Well JD, bring the Bronco if u want.
  14. Panzerknacker

    Medano Pass, Co June 19-20

    Mt. Baldy is pretty easy and right off of Gold Camp Rd. A little rougher than gold camp but nothing that will beat anybody or their truck up. I think maybe we should do it.
  15. Panzerknacker

    Medano Pass, Co June 19-20

    Medano is still closed as of the 10th. The fire is basically out but they need to clear the trail and dead trees etc... I deploy to Afghanistan so soon I dont think I will make any more major trips. Maybe a cruise up something local in the springs this weekend like Mt. Baldy.
  16. Panzerknacker

    All-Terrain Tires. Let's have a conversation.

    I let a little much air out on the trail to be honest. I think the Hankook is a good tire, I would buy them again. I kind of wish we could run oversize tires on these trucks easier. I guess you cant have your cake and eat it too. If you want a big huge dedicated off-road tire you will sacrifice...
  17. Panzerknacker

    All-Terrain Tires. Let's have a conversation.

    Sorry to be pic *******... but do you mean these Dynapros? They do pretty well, although I did have a pinch flat on a pretty difficult trail. I would probably go with a plus size tire for anything more than moderate off road use.
  18. Panzerknacker

    Ticked off

    Actually 50/50 water and vinegar will remove the mineral deposits left behind by sprinklers. Just apply wax afterward because it removes that too.
  19. Panzerknacker


    A lot of automotive forums I have been a part of are full of threads about modifying and DIY repairs, etc. As far as LR3s go there are not a lot of modifications available right now, and a lot of people dont really want to go taking these vehicles apart themselves... Plus parts and...
  20. Panzerknacker

    Akebono Ceramics

    I have them on my LR3. They stop the truck, even on steep downhill descents while offroading in Colorado...
  21. Panzerknacker

    Medano Pass, Co June 19-20

    There is actually a big fire there and the road is closed... So no trail. I sold my C32 I miss my sports cars right about now.
  22. Panzerknacker

    Rocky Mountain summertime trails.

    I made a thread for a Medano Pass run if anyone is awake out there and interested.
  23. Panzerknacker

    Anyone Heading out This weekend in Boulder / Denver Area

    Already did. Hopefully a few will be joining in.
  24. Panzerknacker

    LR3 vs Range Rover SC

    If you got the money and you want the blower...

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