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    Cup holder falling out

    Maybe try this Land Rover salvage yard for a used cupholder with clips:
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    2012 LR4 V-8 vs 2015 LR4 V-6 Quirks

    ^Agree...good choice on your part. Always better to get a well maintained LR4 even if it has higher mileage. FWIW, you can adjust the volume of the rear parking sensors. When in reverse and beeping, use the radio volume to change the parking sensor volume.
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    very sudden loud clicking and fan noise... is my rover near death?

    As others above noted, probably the fan clutch is seizing. I think mine went bad around 80K miles as well.
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    Thinking of moving on from LR4...

    +2 to that. I just added up my LR4 repair receipts from when the CPO warranty expired at 100K miles to the current 132,000 miles...$20,100 total. Average repair was around $2500 with the biggest event around $4000. (leaking valve cover gasket and timing chain cover that killed the alternator...
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    Thinking of moving on from LR4...

    Just keep in mind the V8 Defender is primarily an on-road vehicle. 22" wheels, no roof rails and reduced weight load capacity. Test drive a P400 too, it's quicker than an LR4 V8, has a subtle growl and gets 22 mpg highway.
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    Dark color website?

    Anyone else seeing this website in reverse color scheme or did I accidentally click on something to change the colors? IMO, it's ugly and harder to read this way.
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    Should I buy this LR4?

    Yes, our daughters drive the Passport. One wants to take it to college but we have not approved that idea yet.
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    Thinking of moving on from LR4...

    Blake, we recently sold one of our LR4's. It was a tough decision to say goodbye to such an awesome vehicle. It was replaced by a Defender 110, X-Dynamic HSE model. After 4 months and 5000 miles, I can say that we love everything about it except the smaller cargo area. It handles very well...
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    Should I buy this LR4?

    Probably another Defender but possibly an X5 if some of the currently unavailable options come back. I love my new Defender, I do feel it's a smaller but "new and improved" LR4. When I got the Defender, I posted our gray LR4 for sale, but someone made me an offer on our low mileage red LR4...
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    Should I buy this LR4?

    Your guess is correct...that valve cover leak that drips into the alternator, followed by the alternator dying, the "Christmas Tree of Death" dashboard display then killing off the battery while frantically trying to make it to the closest LR dealer adds up to about $2000.
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    Should I buy this LR4?

    What is your timeline on buying an LR4? I'll be selling my 2013 HSE-LUX in early September. It will have about 135,000 miles but has been very well maintained and has zero issues. I think the KBB value is around $15K so that would be my sell price. If interested send me a PM and I can send...
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    MPG Decline Over Time

    I don't have any exact data, but I know that after 132,000 miles my average mpg is lower than ever. And that is just based on the onboard mpg calculator that isn't that accurate. When the LR4 was new, I could hit 20 mpg on a long distance highway trip. Now 18 mpg is about max, despite being...
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    Can I Get My Vehicle Service History Online

    Just go to the dealer and ask them to print it out now while you wait. Or give them a specific them in advance with the VIN number and tell them exactly when you want to pick it up.
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    LR4s out there holding their value maybe more than just quite well

    Just received trade-in values on our 2013 HSE-LUX with 133,000 miles. $14,500 from a BMW dealer and $7,500 from the Land Rover dealer. Guess we will be ordering an X5 instead of a second Defender.
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    A Fork In The Road

    238,845 is a great run and it makes sense to stop "investing" in expensive repairs at that point. Loved your Noah's Ark story. I've owned many Audis and they are awesome vehicles...good luck with your Q5. When it's time for another Land Rover, the Defender is fantastic. To match the LR4's...
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    For those of us that plan to keep our LR4 "forever"...

    Just have to amend our wills to include a final wish that a body shop converts our LR4 into a hearse to carry our casket. Hopefully we will all live to 99 years old...
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    Ton of faults after an aftermarket subwoofer was installed (SOLVED)

    This is the exact reason that there have been so few attempts to change/upgrade the LR3/LR4 stereo systems over the last 16 years.
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    Top glass

    I knew GEICO was the largest auto insurance provider in NY. Then I read in Car and Driver that GEICO provides radar and laser guns free of charge to the NY state troopers. They claim it is in the interest of keeping drivers safe. Of course it's a way to raise premiums with surcharges. When...
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    V8 Defender

    Yes, we think that is correct. JLR must have certified the Defender at a certain weight range and the extra weight of the V8 eliminates any roof weight capacity, at least on paper. This is being discussed on another Defender forum. FWIW, most of the former LR4 members from this forum that now...
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    LR4 Mileage Poll true! I had a 2002 and 2005 allroad and had to remove the entire front end a few times. I remember my wife asking "Do you think you can put it all back together?" Funny how the LR4 reminds me of the original allroad. We all vowed to keep them running forever and never give them up...
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    LR4 Mileage Poll

    Somehow I suspect that driving in Alberta and driving in the Boston area are two very different experiences. Do streets in Alberta actually have street signs? Ours don't. Do Alberta drivers ever use turn signals on the highway? (Nobody uses their "blinkah" here) How about being allowed to...
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    New to the forum - Pickup 2014 LR4 today

    Brake_break by PaulLR3 posted Apr 3, 2020 at 10:37 PM
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    Combining spare-on-bumper with bike rack

    All of us Defender owners are dealing with the same issue. Your best option may be a hitch extender to mount the bike rack on. That would give you clearance for a rear mounted spare tire. Here in the US, we are ordering this solution: Not sure if they ship to Western...
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    Corroded backup camera harness ??

    As noted above, look for a shorted out parking sensor first. That can cause the error message you are seeing. To answer your question, yes, both my rear camera and camera wiring harness needed to be replaced. Apparently the gasket behind that rear bump-out (Where the hatch release button...
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    V8 Defender

    As a P400 owner, not sure why you would need the extra 130 HP. Maybe to **** the doors off a G-Wagon at a stoplight. 22"wheels would be useless offroad as well.

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