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  1. ralph

    The obligatory "Show off your LR3' thread

    Colorado springs
  2. ralph


    Summer is coming...Colorado
  3. ralph

    Plasti-Dipped Wheel Arches and Plastics

    Plastic dip Did my wheels with their new color Anthracite the color. I did take off each wheel and did the insides too. Used three cans of spray.
  4. ralph

    Rear Tailgate Latch

    I just had to repair my latch on my 06 with 60,000miles. Unfortunately, both were closed and I had to do the McGiver thing from inside the truck with butter knifes to pop out the bottom cover to get to the latch. It was tricky but had no problems getting my hand down under the latch to pull...
  5. ralph

    Spray Painting Wheels

    painted wheels They look nice, did you think about using Plasti Dip. It seems to a popular way to go. I'm thinking about trying it on LR3.
  6. ralph

    Do you carry a weapon in your truck?

    Yep…Glock 45
  7. ralph

    The obligatory "Show off your LR3' thread

    Red Cone trail Colorado Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 11.10.28 AM.jpg (50.9 KB) IMG_0562.JPG (1.44 MB) Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 11.18.14 AM.jpg (52
  8. ralph

    Land Rovers Rock crawl up the Pheasant Steps & Recovery Home

    LR3 doing a little climb http://
  9. ralph

    China Wall Trail Colorado Springs

    Trail west of Colorado Springs
  10. ralph

    Snow playing

    We had some nice snow on Tuesday and went out above the BroadMoor hotel on Old Stage Rd and Mt. Baldy 4x4 trail. It is a beaautiful area here in Colorado Springs.
  11. ralph

    How many years did you get out of your OEM battery?

    Battery My 06 with 52,000 just changed it last week. Did not have any problems, but living in Colorado I figured it was a good time. Did not want to come back from snowshoeing a 14'er and have a dead battery.
  12. ralph

    The obligatory "Show off your LR3' thread

    China Wall trail Hey RFH1987, Looks like you had a great time...wish I could have made the trip. Next one. Ralph
  13. ralph

    Swing Away Tire Carrier - Denver

    Awesome, love to have him make some sliders for the LR3. Worth the drive from the Springs. Ralph
  14. ralph

    F.S. 2006 Land Rover LR3 HSE

    Lr3 Jesus_man...Why are you selling?
  15. ralph

    The obligatory "Show off your LR3' thread

    show off your LR3 Hey Paul, Good to hear from you. I was wondering what happen to you since I did not see you on any trail runs last summer. I know you will be missing the Rocky Mtns. Good luck in PA. Ralph
  16. ralph

    The obligatory "Show off your LR3' thread

    tires Yes, I do. love the tires.
  17. ralph

    Hood Wind Deflector Install

    Hood I had one on my LR3, and it was ripped off on the highway from cross wind. Did damage to my hood. They are not met for strong winds.
  18. ralph

    The obligatory "Show off your LR3' thread

    China Wall trail Last Sat on the trail.
  19. ralph

    Question 2-Mouting Lights

    Lights Like you don't want to spend the money for expensive lights which could get stolen or broken. Bought these from 4wheel parts $60. Plan on buying the Warn smaller lights ($130) which have a remote to turn off and on and put them on the bar below the Hella's.
  20. ralph

    The obligatory "Show off your LR3' thread

    Is that on the Mt Baldy trail...near the open field. I was up there in LR3 about a month ago playing around in the snow. Ralph
  21. ralph

    The obligatory "Show off your LR3' thread

    WOW...plenty of water wheeling milehighlr3 said not much water here to wheel, not even snow to play around in. Great video.....I went out Sat with a group from Denver who were mostly Jeeps, and other trucks makes with only one other Rover (45 total). The LR3 handle itself...
  22. ralph

    LR3 air suspension to coil suspension conversion

    air You did not mentioned if the dealer check the front and rear valve that goes from the compressor to the air bags. My front was lowering and it was determined to be the front value which was not holding air once the bags were full and was leaking air back to the compressor.
  23. ralph

    Searching for a roof rack

    Low profile rack I had built by a friend in Orlando before moving here. Great rack, powder coated and it stops before the sun roof. He welded a plate across the front so I can attached two bikes forks. The way it is set up, I can carry three mtn bikes on top. Makes no wind noise at all.
  24. ralph

    Moved to Orlando.

    Orlando ncburch22 wrote "Awe the joys of living in Florida. Rainy one minute, and hot as ***** the next. I plan on checking out the above ^^^ forest park when I get some time off." That is why I moved from Orlando 2 years ago to Colorado Springs. I was just their last week doing some...
  25. ralph

    How big is the LR3 Offroad community?

    Off road Everytime I get a chance here in Colorado. LAND ROVER COLORADO SPRINGS - YouTube Red Cone trail with some Jeep friends RED CONE - YouTube Wheeler Lake Trail by Breckenridge Wheeler Lake - YouTube

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