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  1. gsxr

    5.0 supercharged into an LR4?

    Any fault codes stored with useful info?
  2. gsxr

    Air compressor temperature - what is normal?

    I have not had any faults since replacing the compressor, HOWEVER... we have not driven the LR4 much at all this past year. Pre-COVID it would typically get driven for a couple hours per week. I would be surprised if a 30kmi-old compressor is failing already, however it might be worth trying...
  3. gsxr

    LR4 Transmission Fluid Change: Pan Swap Option

    Draining and refilling without removing the pan changes roughly 30% of the fluid, and leaves the old filter in place. You need to repeat this a few times to change most of the fluid. If you want to replace the filter, the pan has to come off, and that is when some people prefer to convert to...
  4. gsxr

    LR4 5.0 Chain Guides actual problem?

    Odd that the class action only includes 2012-up when the issue was present on 2010-2011 as well. :stickyman
  5. gsxr

    New 2012 LR4 owner with a few questions

    I thought if both sides drop up front, it's likely the center distribution/valve block...? Or less likely, the front distribution block?
  6. gsxr

    Steal of a deal on an LR4 with issues

    Don't expect Atlantic British to be selling OE/OEM either. If they don't explicitly state an item is OE or OEM... it isn't. :oops:
  7. gsxr

    Steal of a deal on an LR4 with issues

    For Genuine LR parts, have you tried buying from LR of Tampa in Florida? They offer free shipping over $99: I hate PartsGeek, btw, their site is awful. I buy aftermarket from FCP Euro (lifetime...
  8. gsxr

    5.0 supercharged into an LR4?

    Hermes, this is fantastic info. Thanks for sharing, and please keep us posted on your swap! :adore:
  9. gsxr

    2015 LR4 - want a full size spare

    I believe that is correct. From memory, the 2003-2005 RR wheels with different lug nuts also did not support TPMS. That may not be an issue with 2006+. I also did not want to mess with mixed lug nuts. The extra set of wheels is for dedicated snow tires (Nokian Hakkas), btw.
  10. gsxr

    New 2012 LR4 owner with a few questions

    This answers a question I had, Ryan... my truck had the front block replaced at the dealer 6 months before I bought it, because 1 front corner was dropping. Now (a few years later) with a door left open to disable auto-leveling, the front drops evenly. Takes about a week to bottom out. I was...
  11. gsxr

    2015 LR4 - want a full size spare

    No, you cannot use ANY rim from LR that is 19" and 2000+, at least not with the LR4 lug nuts. I got a set of 2003-2005 Range Rover wheels (19x8.0 ET57) and they fit no problem, however they required different lug nuts. I didn't want to deal with the hassle and ended up sourcing a set of LR4...
  12. gsxr

    Driver's Door handle controls (passive entry) not working

    Based on your description, it sounds like the door handle itself; OR the wiring to the door handle. I'd remove it and inspect the wiring to start with.
  13. gsxr

    2012 LR4 with Early AMK Compressor Failure

    Be careful with eBay sellers, who often sell off-brand stuff. If it's just a spare for emergency use that may be fine, but if replacing the main unit on the truck, you'll want Genuine Hitachi. I am a fan of FCU Euro for their lifetime warranty on all parts, but they don't appear to have the...
  14. gsxr

    2012 LR4 with Early AMK Compressor Failure

    That's a Hitachi. I installed a new Hitachi in my 2010 last year, the old one was slowly dying at 125kmi. I did not want to mess with the AMK conversion. It is $575-$600 from reputable vendors. Photos at link below of the new Hitachi: New Hitachi...
  15. gsxr

    Gas Leak at Tank

    Rubber parts are one thing I don't cheap out on. There is a drastic difference between some OE/Genuine rubber suspension components, and aftermarket rubber copies. The latter often reeks of Harbor Freight. Anything safety related, I don't buy based on lowest price or convenience, especially if...
  16. gsxr

    Can I Get My Vehicle Service History Online

    The site doesn't like me. :oops:
  17. gsxr

    Gas Leak at Tank

    Be careful with Rock Auto. They sell a massive amount of no-name, off-brand offshore parts of poor quality. And some of their name-brand stuff has proven to be counterfeit, like some Bosch ignition components... Bosch's response to this was "Rock Auto is not an authorised Bosch distributor...
  18. gsxr

    Suspension tuning

    I'm low on ideas. It may somehow be related to the 1.5" lift. Is the wear problem on all four tires? Stock tire size? Is the alignment performed in tight tolerance mode at the 1.5" lifted height? :oops:
  19. gsxr

    Suspension tuning

    If camber is in spec, the next thing that can cause abnormal edge wear is toe... but that appears in spec as well. Are the control arm bushings in good shape, steering linkage, etc? Nothing getting out of spec when going down the road, where alignment will change vs being parked on the...
  20. gsxr

    Cloud of Smoke

    Wow. That is crazy! Nice to hear the problem is fixed. I'd love to know how the engine vacuum pump could cause smoking. Never would have thought it was possible. :oops:
  21. gsxr

    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    Ditto on this question. The trip computer claimed MPG is consistently around 5% higher than actual, despite entering the max allowed correction factor via Gap/IID tool. I track gallons added from the pump receipt, and write down the trip computer miles, to calculate actual MPG. Typically in the...
  22. gsxr

    Another LR4 Saved from Coolant Death

    Amen to that. :( This is a big deal. And it's why we have an extra vehicle available (ok, possibly more than one) so if a DIY job goes wrong, we're not stranded. Our LR4 is not our primary / DD but other than the unexpected battery failure (despite being tethered to a tender!), I've been able...
  23. gsxr

    Coolant level warning light?

    A more conclusive test would be using a cooling system pressure tester. Pump it up to ~10psi or so and start looking for leaks, along with monitoring the gauge. It should hold steady pressure. If pressure drops more than ~1psi, or continually drops, there is a leak somewhere... and as jlglr4...
  24. gsxr

    DIY Oil Change for LR4

    FWIW, I always refill with 8 quarts (2 gallons) out of convenience. I'm not sure if the 8L spec puts the level at midpoint allowed, or is a true "maximum". I'm used to Mercedes engines where the fill spec puts the level at the midpoint on the dipstick, halfway between MIN and MAX. MB has issued...

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