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  1. joey

    Any good specialized RR mechanic in Iowa zone? I hope this helps.
  2. joey

    Rear Camera Wiring

    Welcome to the forum. Normally Land Rover pre wires everything to save money, but even if the wires are there, it would still require you to have the correct tool (computer) to turn this feature on. In my RRS I installed a rear view camera via the rear view mirror.
  3. joey

    Hello from LA

    Welcome to the forum. Post a Pic.
  4. joey

    How do I obtain post privileges?

    @doc5339 Glad to hear you were able to post. I am still waiting for the ability to grant this option.
  5. joey

    Misfire after timing chain job 5.0

    Could also be a vacuum hose or something still disconnected/loose.
  6. joey

    Hello From Salt Lake City

    Welcome to the forum.
  7. joey

    2015 Discovery HSE Lux Black USB Device Error...

    FAT32 max is 16TB, windows is limited to 32Gb for FAT32
  8. joey

    How do I obtain post privileges?

    I have asked that this be lowered or to at least give me permission to allow trusted users to gain access. So I am working on this.
  9. joey

    Low coolant warning light 21 Range Rover sport hse

    Welcome to the forum. Hopefully it is just a sensor or bad wire.
  10. joey

    2008 Land Rover LR2 SE!!! HELPPP PLEASEEEEEE!

    Sadly this sounds like it could be a major issue. Rover engines like a lot of modern cars and SUV's do not like to be overheated. You could have a blown head gasket or it could just be a leak. I would recommend taking it to a good Rover Mechanic and have it checked out. By good I do not mean...
  11. joey

    How do I obtain post privileges?

    Okay update. Due to a required update and some AD change requirements new settings for users to become full Access members. It use to be 80 posts and 5 days of membership, this requirement has changed. It is now 100 posts and 180 days. This is required to prevent spam and users just...
  12. joey

    How do I obtain post privileges?

    It use to be 50 posts before you could post in the classified section, but with the new forum version I think this may have changed. I have reached out to the admin to find out.
  13. joey

    New To Forum - Head Unit Questions - 2011 RRSC

    I am sure it can be reset by a shop with the computer, not sure about some of the aftermarket low end systems. (email these people and check As far as parts between a sport and supercharged sport most things are interchangeable, but the radio I...
  14. joey

    New To Forum - Head Unit Questions - 2011 RRSC

    This is what I plan to go with. I think the 2011 is different, but I am sure there is a similar product out there...
  15. joey

    New To Forum - Head Unit Questions - 2011 RRSC

    I am not sure if it needs programmed for the Rover or not. I know I have been looking at an aftermarket touch screen options.
  16. joey

    New To Forum - Head Unit Questions - 2011 RRSC

    I am just guessing, but it sounds like the head unit is bad. They are not that hard to replace with either same or upgraded unit.
  17. joey

    Wheel Lug Bolt Pattern Adapters

    I personally do not recommend and adapters like this, it adds a lot of stress to suspension parts that may cause all kinds of issues.
  18. joey

    New to Forum 2007 Range Rover Sport SC, 91,000 miles.

    Add to google drive or similar and share the file.
  19. joey

    2007 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Bleeding Cooling System

    This should help, found on another forum that I follow.
  20. joey

    RR Sport Extended Warranty

    A warranty really depends on your level a gambling skill. Do you think you will need more than $6500 to repair of the the next 6 years. I have a 2008 RRS that the only maintenance I can tell has been done since warranty is after I purchased it. A new Starter, new bushings, disabling the TPMS...
  21. joey

    Dead radio

    Start with the fuse, but if could be a bad radio.
  22. joey

    New to Forum 2007 Range Rover Sport SC, 91,000 miles.

    Welcome to the forum. Sounds can be fun to track down. without hearing the noise it is hard to guess.
  23. joey

    Looking for Indy Mechanic in Northern NJ
  24. joey

    Hi Everyone.

    Welcome to the forum. Here is the link to the Freelander section, it is under the LR2 section.
  25. joey

    Looking at a 2010 HSE 5.0 w/ 105kmiles

    Pretty sure the TCM is near the battery.

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