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  1. djkaosone

    Fuel Injector removal on SCV6

    Oh, you're right. I just search for an injector for a 2015 LR4 and it looks different. The fuel connectors are threaded vs the 5.0 o-ring. I would make my own slide hammer by finding out the size of the injectors pitch and thread. Removal would be easier than the 5.0 without having to deal...
  2. djkaosone

    Cant track down Lug/wheel studs

    I did some pretty extensive research on tracking down a replacement wheel stud without any luck. I was in search of extended wheel studs and was in contact with major players in the game like arp, Dorman, etc... This should help you...
  3. djkaosone

    Best rack for LR4 without factory rails

    FRO for the win. It's THE most versatile roof rack out there. Endless options to load the rack on top, sides, and even underneath. The slots utilize m8 bolts or nuts, which can be found at any hardware store. Pair m8 bolts with m8 eyelets for strap down points anywhere. Any accessory with holes...
  4. djkaosone

    Fuel Injector removal on SCV6

    I'm pretty sure it's the same. The 5.0 and 3.0 have a lot in common. The 3.0 is the 5.0 engine with 2 cylinders blanked off.
  5. djkaosone

    Need a few pieces for the factory roof rails.

    Just make sure it doesn't touch the panoramic glass and you should be fine. I had a small nick on it that spidered across the entire roof and had to get it replaced. On that note, change your insurance policy to a $100 deductible. It seriously cost and additional $20 to the 6 mo policy. I have...
  6. djkaosone

    Suspension Fault Issues

    I have this same issue and did most of the things you did, but I have the older hitachi compressor. I had 2" lift rods at the time of faults then I added the sya kit and replaced the 2" with 2.5" lift rods, which made it worst. Anyhow, with my setup now I was able to properly calibrate the...
  7. djkaosone

    Air compressor temperature - what is normal?

    I don't think you should be too concerned about it. I have the xlifter and I watch my compressor temps on it fairly often, but its only in Celsius. Starting the truck it's typically under 60*C. Whenever I increase height, it shoots up anywhere in 90*C. When wheeling in (and in desert heat) it...
  8. djkaosone

    Lifted suspension/calibration issue

    The truck really doesn't like the SYA and 2.5" Rhino rods. The height sensors are pretty sensitive. Prior to the SYA and lift rods, I'd bet everything (ride height, ride comfort, and access/offroad mode) worked great. Once you add the lift rods, it tricks the sensors with additional air in the...
  9. djkaosone

    Foam mats on either side of engine

    If you do any type of off pavement driving, you want to have them ON. They help protect things from getting into your injectors, like sand. There were a lot of sand around the injectors before and after pulling the injectors. Tedious vacuuming in the injector ports and cylinder to get sand...
  10. djkaosone

    SYA Kit, Oversize Tires and Stability Control

    Lucky8 gives a discount for being a member of the FB "Land Rover LR3/LR4 Discovery 3/4 owner's group". Join the group and ask for the discount when you call in.
  11. djkaosone

    SYA Kit, Oversize Tires and Stability Control

    I've commented on that thread too. My guess is that Michael Gain's suggestion is to add +63mm to accommodate and add the 2.5" lift rods into they system's overall "oem" ride height. I personally had lots of issues trying to go down this route. The IID Tool will max out calibrations at 250 for...
  12. djkaosone

    SYA Kit, Oversize Tires and Stability Control

    The SYA kit is meant for bigger tires and emergencies. When the suspension fails and drops down to bump stops you can still drive at normal height. It doesn't affect the height sensors or height of the truck. With that said, calibration should be done prior to the SYA kit with oem rods and then...
  13. djkaosone

    SYA Kit, Oversize Tires and Stability Control

    Are you running aftermarket lift rods, 2" or 2.5"? I'd recommend running 2.5" lift rods and recalibrate your suspension with the iid tool by adding 0.5" to each corner.
  14. djkaosone

    Hood will only latch on one side

    Wipe down both locks and then spray white lithium grease.
  15. djkaosone

    Hood will only latch on one side

    Wipe down both locks and then spray white lithium grease.
  16. djkaosone

    Sunroof drain preventative maintenance?

    Congrats on the purchase! There are preventative maintenance you can do to clear out the drain holes. Pop off the side grills on the fenders, feed **** wacker string through the small drain hole, and clean out those drain holes. Not sure how to dry out the carpet, besides trying to pull the...
  17. djkaosone

    Light Bar Wiring Routing

    You'll need to pop off the gear selector and radio plates to remove the ash tray. I got a universal 6 gang rocker panel and added switches. It's about a 95% near perfect fit, 5% was to trim off just a bit of the rocker switch panel to fit properly.
  18. djkaosone

    Differences between a Discovery 4 from Mex and an US LR4

    I met a guy that had a 2015 LR4 and he lives in Mexico and owns businesses in San Diego. He registered his truck in California, but drives in both countries. I don't think there's enough differences to fail registration in the USA. California is one of the stricter states because of emissions...
  19. djkaosone

    Wind Deflector Removal

    I'd use a heat gun to warm it up a bit and use a plastic scraper to gently ease it off. Then finish it off with goo-gone. I'd take all 4 window wind deflectors off your hands. Let me know.
  20. djkaosone

    Light Bar Wiring Routing

    Switch panel right before it snaps into place. Fuse and relay box. XS Power D3400 aux battery in the brake booster location with the fuse/relay box installed. The cat6 signal wire from the rocker switch panel connected to the fuse/relay box. Rocker switch panel with a rj45 outlet...
  21. djkaosone

    Light Bar Wiring Routing

    I have a rocker switch panel where the ash tray is on my '11 LR4. Rocker switch 12V power are coming from my aux battery, illumination 12V power is from the cigarette lighter, and I have a cat6 cable as the signal wire to the fuse/relay box in the engine bay. Cat6 wires simply provides a signal...
  22. djkaosone

    2012 V8 vs 2016 V6

    Technically the 2013-2016 have the updated tensioners and they are better, BUT they're still having issues. A 3rd revision of the tensioners and guides were in the making, but might not be in production. It's not a for sure 100% fix for 2013 and up, but they do have the updated parts.
  23. djkaosone

    Sensor 1 Bank 1 access SVC6

    That's what the workshop manual suggests. I've done Bank 1 Sensor 1 the recommended way. I'd also suggest getting new bolts connecting the exhaust manifold to the down pipes, my warped and broke 1 while putting it back.
  24. djkaosone

    Spark plug replacement - denso iridium performance

    @Fuji4 has a pretty awesome tune and plugs make a world of a difference, especially on forced induction cars. @Fuji4 how bad were the electrodes on the old set? If they're pretty worn out, I'd recommend running a 1 step colder plug.
  25. djkaosone

    Spark plug replacement - denso iridium performance

    Oh, I swear by denso iridiums long life too! Better than NGK iridium lasers or any other plugs... you'll definitely feel the difference with the turbo. Speaking of, I need to replace mine too, it's been a few years. I typically replace mine every 2 years. Oh btw... thanks to you, I'm 100%...

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