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    Low frequency vibration? Only while towing.

    One reason I bought a Rover was to travel comfortably, have off road capability, and tow a boat or trailer. Well 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Went for a 300 mile trip, towing a 3200 lb trailer. Went fine, and cruised at around 60 MPH. As we arrived, I noticed a tremor in second gear while...
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    Missing ducts for HVAC?

    While working under the dash to install a trailer brake controller, I saw what might be a missing piece of ductwork. I could see the fan under the center of the dash, and what might be a missing elbow. By the number of missing screws and buggered parts, it would not surprise me that parts...
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    Belated Introduction 2011 Range Rover

    Hello all...I have been using the forums for a few months, so I guess I should add some too. After over a year searching for a do-all vehicle, I hit upon the Range Rover. After considering, testing, driving Jeeps, Explorers, Tahoe's, Sequoia's and everything I could find. Strangely ( or maybe...