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  1. wallyyfm

    Tuffants with Schrader TPMS

    Can anyone confirm these tire rack Schraders fit with the tuffant 44’s? I saw a thread with these earlier but was looking for other confirmation. Schraders
  2. wallyyfm

    2013 LR4 Black Front Grille

    I do not know if this is technically Santorini black but I think it is. There is a clear bra applied that as some wear to it. I’m guessing underneath it will look pretty clean. All clips intact! This is the original OEM grille off my 2013, not an aftermarket reproduction. $250 - local DC...
  3. wallyyfm

    2013 LR4 Headlight Set HID Xenon

    Hello all, I have made some upgrades and have some parts for sale. I have a set of 2010-2013 style headlights. These are clean, no scrapes and no damage. I found the low beams to be aimed too low for my taste. Newer bulbs included on projectors. $500 for the set or $300 per side - I do not...
  4. wallyyfm

    2013 to 2014 Face Lift Headlight Install

    I have been meaning to do this for years but finally got around to ordering them. This was a dramatic difference, my other headlights were terrible no matter what bulbs I put in there. These are HID plug and play, no issues worked immediately. I have the black grill from powerful UK with the...
  5. wallyyfm

    Replacement Mityvac hose adapter

    If you change your own oil with a Mityvac, you know what I’m talking about. On the last oil change I did it disintegrated almost fell into the oil filler which was terrible. I’m trying to find a replacement one on their website and I can’t seem to find anything. Does anyone know where I could...
  6. wallyyfm

    Mods delete

    Mods delete
  7. wallyyfm

    Tyre Trek Swing Away

    Anyone have any experience with these? They seem pretty badass. I would rather use this than replace my entire bumper. Just use it for road trips and camping.
  8. wallyyfm

    Need TENET Windshield

    Anyone know where I can pick one of these up for summer? We have big bugs here...