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    LR4 2016 engine sound odd or normal?

    Hi: I have a MY2016 LR4 with 52k miles, regular oil changes, well maintained, both crossover pipes and water pump replaced preventively, new spark plugs done while pipes replaced, no codes. The engine is noisy, and others in here also complain about it sounding like a diesel. But I am curious...
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    Emission inspections and start/stop battery disabled

    MY2016 LR4 is approaching the emission inspection due date and have been running it without the start/stop battery for over a year. There is a code about Body Control Module related to the auxiliary battery not performing, but I wonder if this is enough to result in a failure of the inspection...
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    Cabin >internal< air intake location

    Hi: does anybody know where the internal recirculation cabin air intake in a LR4 is? Reason: I need to step up my efforts to remove the bad odor. Tried the febreze from the outside cabin air intake and the hot+cold air cycling. Works for a day or two then the stink gets back. AC drain pipes...
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    New TPMSs for new R18 tires LR4

    Hi, very new to this forum, and new to LR4 ownership. I am about to get some new tires on 18in wheels and I couldn't find sufficiently detailed info on tire pressure monitoring sensors. After searching I found some users say they kept old TPMSs, some say they disabled them. Say, I want to buy...