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  1. f1racer328

    Clunk/knock, starting to get concerned.

    Body mounts? Like the bolts that hold the body onto the frame??!
  2. f1racer328

    Lost communication with parking brake

    If you see the error and don't have any usability issues I wouldn't worry about it. My Disco has a few rogue codes that don't seem to actually mean anything.
  3. f1racer328

    Just exceeded warranty, where is everyone buying oil and Filters from to perform fluid change

    Don't high mileage oils contain additives to slightly swell seals to prevent smaller leaks? I've been under the assumption that you shouldn't switch to high mileage oil unless your vehicles showing a reason to, and once you switch you shouldn't switch back.
  4. f1racer328

    LR4 at 100k questions/issues

    I’d go for the fluid change and you’ll probably see an improvement. As far as the battery, my car (with a new H8 sized battery) does the same thing. Land Rover is pretty conservative. If you just want to play music, with the car off, hit the power button on the radio volume knob and it’ll come...
  5. f1racer328

    Coolbox Install

    Alligator clips directly to the battery might work if you’re careful not to short anything.
  6. f1racer328

    detachable hitch receiver

    Hit the bottom (metal) part of the hitch with a hammer. You can hit upward and side to side gently and it should pop out. Do this while holding the knob outward to detach it. Somewhat awkward but it'll come. I store my hitch in my garage so it doesn't try and weld itself in.
  7. f1racer328

    2011 LR4 HSE overheating

    Head gaskets failing on these are rare (unless the vehicle was overheated) The most common overheating issue is due to the crossovers cracking. There's a lot of threads about the crossover pipes. I believe the water pumps can leak a bit as well, and I had a hairline crack in my radiator...
  8. f1racer328

    2011 LR4 HSE overheating

    How many miles are on the engine?
  9. f1racer328

    Fan Performance code - P0483-36

    The connection for the viscous fan is towards the top of the fan itself, should be hooked onto the fan shroud if I remember correctly. I think its on the drivers side.
  10. f1racer328

    bragging !

    There's a setting on the GAP Tool in the CCF. I think its under instrument cluster or something. I won't be around my car for a few days but I can find the setting if no one else does when I get back.
  11. f1racer328

    bragging !

    Ehh, if they're going off the trip meter I can almost promise that it's wrong. Calculate a few tanks by hand. My car is about 8% off (I've since calibrated it with my GAP tool and it reads more accurately now)
  12. f1racer328

    Anyone Have this Service Manual?

    You can find this (for free) on a land rover facebook group. Don't go buying it from some sketch website. It's also all from Topix, which is LRs official platform for mx procedures. PM me.
  13. f1racer328


    Vacuum bleeding is the way. I replaced my radiator, bled it with a vacuum bleeder kit from Amazon, and haven't had any issues since. Didn't even crack a bleeder screw.
  14. f1racer328


    Failed timing chain replacement? For it to fail 400 miles after a large job like that, leads me to believe it wasn't done properly or something else was also wrong. How much longer are you under warranty for?
  15. f1racer328

    Just exceeded warranty, where is everyone buying oil and Filters from to perform fluid change

    You need the correct filter socket. The traditional oil filter clamps/straps don't even nearly get close to working. I have the 5.0 V8, so I've been running Mobil 1 5W-20 EP like a lot of other forum members here. No issues as far as we're aware. Minus getting a filter, should be good to go.
  16. f1racer328

    Water leak from dome light?

    The front portion of the headliner is also super easy to pull down too. Remove a pillar trim (Torx bolt behind the airbag cover), remove both sun visors and grab handles, and it drops right down.
  17. f1racer328

    5.0 V8 Fueling and Efficiency Questions

    I generally always run premium (91 in AZ) as well, and I agree with the knock sensor reta-rding the timing. I think the quality of the fuel is going to play a more important role over time. I almost always fuel at a station with Top Tier fuel (Costco in my case.)
  18. f1racer328

    Tailgate Brake Light Plastic Faded

    Oh yeah, misread the title, but I'd still go with a restoration kit.
  19. f1racer328

    5.0 V8 Fueling and Efficiency Questions

    What an awesome video, and I love the fact that he recommends BG 44K.
  20. f1racer328

    Brake Pad Rattle Advice

    These are the same pads I've used before. Is there a chance you got counterfeit pads? Ferodo has a function on their website to check.
  21. f1racer328

    Tailgate Brake Light Plastic Faded

    Most consumer friendly option would be using a headlight restoration kit on it. A lot of them attach a buffing pad to a drill, and include polishing compound. Some you sand some you don't, but most importantly is something that will provide UV protection after the fact. If you have experience...
  22. f1racer328

    Brake Pad Rattle Advice

    Which Ferrodo pads did you buy? That's all Ive ever put on my Disco and have had 0 issues with them... they're just as squealy as the stock pads too.
  23. f1racer328

    Showoff Your LR4

    I'm almost certain that the sway control on our vehicles does not need the trailer lighting connected. Sway control isn't going to do anything for very small sways. It's going to interact when your trailer is legitimately swaying. My dad and I set off the sway control in his F-150 once and it we...
  24. f1racer328

    Door lock actuator

    So I actually broke the plastic piece in your first photo on the post... was the door cable hard to replace? I literally had my door open to look at the speakers/find a rattle... My door continues to function properly but I'd like to replace it.
  25. f1racer328

    Hitch storage

    I think I read about it in the manual or something, and I believe you have to buy the foam insert. My car doesn't have it either (2013) Do you know if your car came from the factory with the hitch and wiring harness? Mine didn't so that's why I assume I don't have it.

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