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    Best roof rails and roof rack?

    What is the best roof rails for a 2011 LR4 that did not come factory equipped without? Also, what is the best roof rack for luggage/gear maybe a tire to place atop the roof? If anyone has one for sale in Texas the is OEM, please PM me with detail/price. Thanks in advance,
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    2011 LR4 Apple CarPlay upgrade?

    I am astonished to find the doesn’t recommend replacing the factory head unit on the LR4 and they offer no replacement options. On the forum, I saw a thread for 2013 LR4, however, that did not fit the 2010-2012 LR4’s setup. My setup is the “logic 7” or Harman Kardon Logic7...
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    New 2011 LR4 owner in Texas

    Hello all or should I say Howdy, I am excited to experience the LR family. We are finally back in the off-road capable truck/suv world. My main interest is to go over-landing and not rock crawling. My family of 4 fits perfectly in the LR4 HSE. Look forward to meeting up near the Houston area...

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