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  1. Pfunk951

    PCV Valve Replacement

    Gang, For the 100k birthday/tune up, I decided to go after the PCV valves. This was preventative- I wasn't getting any smoke or codes. This is an easy job, but worthy of a write-up as there are a couple of tricks to make this easy. Time: 15 minutes. 30 minutes if you're going slow, or drunk...
  2. Pfunk951

    Beware: OEM vs Garbage

    On Soapbox: Just a friendly service reminder to make sure that you are using quality parts on your rig. Today I got burned by a garbage crossover pipe, from Atlantic British of all places. When you search "crossover pipe" on their website, the OEM doesn't come up- only this gem does. Some...
  3. Pfunk951

    Snapped Trim Piece- Glue Recommendations

    Gang, I had a piece of door trim that was coming off; It was bowing due to the metal insert and plastic expanding at different rates.. I tried to gently bend it back and it snapped. Do you have any recommendations for a glue? I have JB Weld, 2 part epoxy, etc, but I wanted to see if anyone...
  4. Pfunk951

    Opinions please (Non-Technical)

    Sorry to put this on a technical forum, but you are the fellas I need an opinion from.. A few weeks back, we (Kansas City) took about a foot of snow, and the for-hire plows did their usual **** job cleaning up the parking lots. Many spots are taken up by snow mounds, and today I didn't feel...
  5. Pfunk951

    Will LR2 DVD headrest fit?

    Check this out: Not sure if this will fit, and can't find any info on it online.. Thanks! Mike
  6. Pfunk951

    LR4 vs LR3 Air Suspension Struts

    Quick question: I am about to change the Struts on a friend's LR3 (they are leaking).. I know that the LR3 struts have a different part number than ours, but from the outside they appear to be identical to the LR4 strut. Could that different part number just mean updated seals and such on...
  7. Pfunk951

    Looking for a TSB on fuel injector replacement

    All, I was wondering if there is a place that I can search for any TSB info on fuel injector replacement.. Here's the issue: I have codes that are saying I have fuel injector misfires on both Bank 1 and 2.. There is no way to determine which injectors are misfiring, just that injectors on...
  8. Pfunk951

    Delay in Reverse...

    Has anyone noticed a delay in the gear engagement when selecting R? I was preparing to back out of the garage this morning, selected R, and nothing. The engine was running, so thinking I had my foot too ******* the brake, I slowly lifted my foot until it wasn't on the pedal and then all of a...
  9. Pfunk951

    LR4 Transmission Fluid Change: Pan Swap Option

    Gang, After searching around the web, I have been finding fragmented info about a work around for the LR4 transmission pan removal- one that does not involve removing the cross-member and other cumbersome components. So far I have come up with: 1. The plastic factory pan is loosened, and the...
  10. Pfunk951

    Interesting 1/4 rack option

    So I was skimming craigslist and noticed that some dude had a brand new small OEM Land Rover rack for sale. It is made to clamp onto the crossbars of a stock setup, but looked like it would not be of very good use as it would be hard to reach.. So I took some measurements to see if I could...
  11. Pfunk951


    There have been a couple of threads about extended warranties, thought I'd throw this out there: I didn't have the option of a Land Rover extended warranty, as I bought my LR4 from a Maserati dealership 800 miles from my home.. When I bought the warranty, it looked rather generic- it had...
  12. Pfunk951

    Trying to find torx hardware

    Is there anywhere to find the torx bolts that hold on the running boards? I have searched the FSM and online, to no avail.. Am I missing something? Thanks! Mike
  13. Pfunk951

    Write-up: Side Protection Molding Installation

    I have seen some talk about these on the forum, so I thought I'd do a write-up while installing them.. Items needed: 1 set of moldings Tape measure Tape (preferably painters, but not a big deal) Rubbing alcohol Beverages 1 hour of uninterrupted time This is a perfect job...
  14. Pfunk951

    New owner with a warranty question..

    I finally made it on to this list..! Flew to South Carolina from Kansas City and picked up an awesome 2012 LUX and drove it home.. Before I left, I bought an extended warranty which is pretty much bumper to bumper to 100k.. I figured it would pay for itself on the front suspension stuff...

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